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Tore up Lil Dumplins little S10 last evening. Of course she knows about it!! Figgered I'd better tell'r than'r to find it out elsewhere. The little throttle cable thingy broke off the foot feed pedal. Solution? Sure! A 8' piece of nylon cord tied to the air valve and run in through the window. Worked fine. Chevy house fixed it today too--they they asked me if we wanted the "recalled" seat belt thng fixed. I told'm---well--yes, if you don't mind!

Furnace is runnin tonite burnin that old stink'n propane. I've decided tho that this old hillbilly ain't gonna get too cold unless I just can't help it. As long as I have propane I'm fix'n to stay warm. Ain't it funny----even before you get all our a/c bills paid the gas bills kick in!!

Can't pick up pop cans around here. Those old dudes on Social Security have their own territory staked out and if anybody treads on it they get rite mad! Not to worry about me though. I'm too lazy to pick up those little worthless cans. I quit buyin diet cola's in those cans and now buy'm in the 2 litre---just so I don't have to mess with those cans!

Helped old Jeep hook up his wood furnace yesterday and then back to check on it this afternoon. He fired it this morning and everything was working just fine today. He's already got his winters wood supply up last week and I didn't even get to help. Oh well!

Went to the store and started buyin some extra grub. CAnned goods for about a month, I did. I didn't buy a bunch of stuff that we wont eat normally. Beef stew, chik'n dumplins, maters , green beans etc. Soon as I can sell something I'll be back for more. Hoarding? Nopee! Just being obedient and prudent.

Folks, we are at the beginning of the "time of sorrows" spoken about in the Word. Very shortly---Jesus Christ will be back for His own. Prepare for your future--if you're not a Christian. Only Christians will dwell in heaven----no exceptions! Don't take my word for it ---read all about it yourself in the Book of Matthew. Start at about the 20th chapter. Also read in l Thess. He's coming back---even if you don't believe it. He is STILL in control. Christians have nothing to fear. Old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, September 25, 2001


Been havin a fire in the mornins around here for the past few days. Suppose to get down to around 40 tonite, Baby done told me to get one ready for in the mornin. Baby had to go to the dentist this morning. We had around $100.00 set aside for the trip. God bless our dentist... didn't charge her one red cent!! Baby told me " I guess we'll go spend that money on some canned goods, beans and rice. " God always provides the money when he tells you to do something!! :)

-- Uncle Jake (, September 26, 2001.


-- stephanie nosacek (, September 26, 2001.

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