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Well, the old hillbilly went shopping today at "wallyworld west". Located some goodies but was too lazy to get outta the old 4 wheel pull chevy to retreive'm. I'm gonna have to holler at the owner when I see'm. He had the audacity to get a big baler in there and bale up a bunch of junk. Within that "junk" was some more good stuff! All the traffic in and out of that place [its a scrap yard in the country near here] has caused some serious problems. Just one of'm is a HUGE mudhole! I thunk on it fer a spell and decided if I got stuck I had my cell phone. Off I went into that cavern! Boy, was that raskel deep!!!! Solid bottom in it tho---that's the only thing that kept me from gettin stuck! Stopped past bro Jims business and had a "look see" at some 20# propane cylinders that were thrown in the junk. Bent, leakers etc that are not repairable or recertifable. I'm buildin a portable air compressor that will mount on an old push mower frame that I'd "shopped" for at www [Wally World West] and drug home bout 6 months ago. Well anyhow---a 20# cylinder would make a nice air tank but I don't really wanna weld on those little dudes to repair any leaks. They don't really hold enough air to run a nail gun, impact wrench or a paint gun----so---back to the orginal idea of usin a fork lift cylinder I guess. Jim has a huge operation where they redo completely those bottles from all over the midwest--carried in from and by Amerigas. Boy--where was all that nice equipment when me and old jeep worked for'm and filled those little dudes by hand!

Was aggravatin ole jeep yesterday a mite. He fired up his Central Boiler outdoor furnace yesterday morning. Said he got tired of bein cold!! I accused'm of gettin OLD and SOFT! Besides those two things I also accused'm of gettin BALD! He won't even go near old Jake the mule without his cap on! Old Jake is afeered of'm I guess!

Tore up a tire on Lil Dumplins little S10 today. Rekon I'll get a set of new ones tomorrow. Surely she can pay for'm ---I broke it.

A little bit of unwelcomed news now, I guess. The early stages of an economic collapse is upon us now. The Act of War done more than murder all those precious innocent lives--it financilly devestated our great country. Some businesses will never recover --including the airlines for one. Watch for the oil supply to dry up very shortly. GAsoline will be in very short supply and the price will reflect that. The prolonged war will be a tremendous drain on our economy in addition to the many precious lives of our soldiers lost in battle. The murderers knew that when they did what they did. There is good news tho! Christ is STILL in control. He will protect His own--all we have to do is ask Him and then Believe! I'm not worried about the future. The worst thing that can happen is for satan, the lyin good for nothin scum, to kill me. When he does----PARADISE with Jesus Christ for this old hillbilly! Me selfish? You bet! Ya'll can go with Lil Dumplin and me if ya'll want to! It's free! old hoot gibson. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, September 26, 2001


Gotta agree with you though about the economy Hoot. Things don't look good from the news or here either. Folks here don't seem to be going out near as much to do shopping, or eating out. Instead, I've noticed folks are stocking up on gas, and buying a few extra cans of goods here and there. Have seen an increase in church goin' folks here too. And just yesterday a local mason who couldn' be bothered to even give us a quote a few months ago came and knocked on our door looking for work.

Personally, I just finished building some new rabbit hutches and bought another half dozen chickens. Just need to get some more go- juice for the big tractor, and some extra feed for the critters, and I'm 'bout set for whatever the winter may bring.

-- eric in tn (, September 27, 2001.

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