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Cool weather is comin and ya'll know what that means, don'tcha? DONUTS made from scratch. In particular the "hoot dounts" to be exact! Deep fried in new hog lard, a dutch oven --over the woodcookstove. If ya'll have grow'd any ham from ham bones planted in the garden----or--from ya'lls own hogs---or--storebought---fry some of that up or bake it--with onions! Make some milk gravy to go along with't all. Save the lard for makin lye soap.

Two sliced up onions, 5 carrots cut into pieces, stalk of celery and one big bakin tater. Dump all of'm into a skillet with some old hog greese [ lard] and fry for about half hour. Stir the "stuff" every little whipstitch. Ya'll can even add some water to help steam it if ya'll'r in a hurry to et. Brockley [ sure it's spelled wrong ] brussel sprouts, cabbage, sweet corn, green beans, blackeyed peas can also be added to fry along with this grub but ya'll'll need a bigger skillet! Try cookin this outside over an open wood fire.

Next--if you're so inclined--bake a choc cake in a pan over the open wood fire outside or---in the oven of the inside cookin range. Gotta have a bunch of iced tea to warsh down all this artery cloggin, colon bustin grub. Whilst layin in the horse-pital with "ticker problems" or "the other" problems just think of all the fun ya'll had in et'n it.

Treat other folks with dignity and respect. When you [ and I ] face Jesus Christ we will give an account of our lives while here on earth. Are you comfortable with your answers? He will be calling for our account very very shortly! The Age of Grace is almost over. Next big event---The Rapture! Are you ready to face Him? old hoot. Matt. 24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, September 27, 2001


Hoot--What time did you say supper was? Set two extra places for me and hubby. Can't have a good meal like that without the wild rice. I'll bring it along. It make take a week for us to get there but wait for us, will ya? LOL Love your stories. God Bless

-- Jeanne (, September 27, 2001.

Hoot: add 3 more plates. We'll bring some of our freshly made apple butter and a gallon of ice tea.

-- K & S (, October 01, 2001.

My arteries are clogging up just reading about it so I'll just have the chocolate cake please. Be sure to set a place for Jesus at the table and serve Him the best.

-- Laura (, October 01, 2001.

Hi Hoot: Mmmmmm, that sounds good - I'll bring fried apples to go with the ham and a little of the snow we got this am - all melted down here; but I see it on the mountains and will run up and get some before I head that way! Praise the Lord for wonderful food and the changing of the seasons! Cynthia - temp. in N. Montana

-- Cynthia (, October 04, 2001.

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