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Shortly after sunrise I just happened to look out east of our house. The sun was shining brightly although partially hid by a few big heavy dark clouds. The mist from the field of soybeans, turning ripe, was gently rising towards the warm sunshine and dissapating rather quickly. The promise of another beautiful day when the problems of life seemed a million miles away for those few moments. Enough to make me think of the days in the very near future and soon winter's cold grip will be upon us and all the adverse conditions that go along with it. We'll have a little more time then to contemplate upon just how bad [ or good ] the weather will be during the remaining days of this year and how the days of the new year will come in.

The small, straight column of wood smoke from the chimney slowly headed towards heaven, will release some of its pungent odor for folks to smell and enjoy. Blessed folks that is---! The clear, crisp mornings of fall and winter are more enjoyable as the same mornings in towns or cities. I've lived in those cities and towns and there "ain't no comparison" betwix the two. At the risk of offending our "city and town" family, If ya'll ain't "experienced" the country life-ya'll won't know what I'm talkin about! Breaking ice in the watering pans, troughs and pails is an everyday task in the country. Those livestock [ including kitty kats, dogs and other pets] are so valuable to countryfolks that we go out of our way to make life a little easier for'm. NOt only are they valuable to our well-being we also need their companionship. Just to set in a chair, in Lil Dumplins "car pocket" watchin the weather it's really enjoyable to have ole Calvin the cat, layin on my lap watchin with me. I-watchin the sites, sounds and weather, old Calvin--watchin the birds---it's a partnership and we both enjoy it. Sometimes I think ole Calvin kinda has a "take" on what I'm experiencing! Course, Calvin thinks about grub and I think'n about-----------GRUB! Onliest difference is what KIND of Grub we're thnk'n about. I don't like black birds but ole Calvin sure do like ham and beans!

Check on your old neighbors' well being. Help'm out a mite and loaf a mite more. It'll do both of you good.

Old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, September 28, 2001


OK hoot I was supposed to redo that cabinet today But I told ma "hoot" said to loaf and gave me the day off. Ahhummm she might be coming by to talk to ye about that. :o)


-- K & S (, September 28, 2001.

K! Ya'll come on out! I'll jest move ole Calvin over a mite and make room for another couple chairs! We mite even start our own wood fire just outside the car pocket--put a pot of coffee on it and maybe even a tater or two! Turned kinda cool now and it's cloud'd over. A cool north wind has started and it sure does look like rain.

Gasoline is down to $1.47 and supposed to go down into the .90 cent range. Unk Sam wants to "kick" the economy a little and also "kick" the oil companies a mite. I think we'll see some tough times this winter. The economy is already crashing right before our eyes and there isn't much we can do. The Fed has been "too little too late" in dropping interest rates. GREED! I suppose everybody knows the Fed in not gov't owned, operated. Without starting ww3---the Fed was an illegal takeover of our monentary system back several years ago. According to the constitution--only the Gov't has the authority to "coin" money. The Fed is privately owned. To find out more--- read the book "Enroute to Global Occupation" by Gary Kah. Prepare to be enlightened, suprised and outraged!

Well, I'm down off my eggcrate for a spell. Gotta go have a "look see" at ole Jeep. I hear he's ailin. Of course, I can't call'm on the phone. He took his out! Talk about me bein a hillbilly!! He don't like bein bothered and also "giv'n my mmoney to those crooks"! I agree with'm but am forced to keep ours for Lil Dumplins work. Old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, September 28, 2001.

Hey Hoot!! Me and Baby have been bad to just sit back and take the change of seasons in over the last couple of days. This week has been BEAUTIFUL!! Day temps in the low 70s, night temps in the mid 40s, and the sky that Carolina Blue. We've been guilty of settin on the back porch a drinkin coffee and just watchin the chickens peck. Theres plenty to do around, but you don't get too many days like this, and I've gotten to the age to where I ain't ashamed to enjoy these beautiful gifts from our heavenly Father.

Gods blessings on you all! :)

-- uncle Jake (, September 28, 2001.

Well---old jeep is ok. I guess I kina "jumped the track" somewheres along the line. He was workin with his tractor loader cleanin up brush. He retrieved my boiler for the little steam engine I had years ago. Don't look too bad for bein in the brush for close to 40 years! If only I had an engine to put back on it. Orta be some folks out in netland with a small 5 hp or so to sell. Im in my second childhood ya'll know! Fire it up---toot the little whistle and watch the wasps boil outta that raskel!!!

Got the new portable air compressor almost completed. Needs mounted on the mower frame. I'm fix'n to "hit the hay" after a day of hard work settin'n restin between workin on the compressor. Uncle Jake is right about watchin and restin while we have nice days left. Olsd Calvin and I did!

Economy is on the rocks--gasoline dropped to $1.47 last nite. Should've waited till tomorrow to fill up the old chevy van. Took $39. to fill it. One of these days Jesus will split the Eastern Sky! Only those who belong to Him will see Him. We'll be gone like a snowball in July. He will save all that repent and ask! Old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, September 28, 2001.

Hello Hoot, The weather is starting to cool off here in Lousiana. Humidity is even less noticable. Been driving to work with the window down, with no need for A/C, it has been nice. Hunting season is about to get underway here. Well got to go, it is midnight at work and time for reports, ALWAYS PAPER WORK!!!!!!!!

-- JERRY TRAVIS (, September 29, 2001.

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