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I captured and edited a video to my computer using a Belkin device. This device allowed me to capture to my computer, but does not allow for output. I was wondering what I need in order to get the movie from my computer to either a camcorder or straight to the VCR. Is there any sort of cable, or do I need to get a capture card of some sort? If so, what do I need to get? Thanks for your help.


-- Chad Sunda (sundad8d@erau.edu), September 30, 2001


I dont know what a belkin device is, but if u have a dv camera, u could get your video recorded back on your dv tape and also route it to a VCR through your cam.

If u plan to record directly to a vhs tape, you need some hardware which can do composite video out or something.

-- Nachiket Desai (nachiket@hotmail.com), November 05, 2001.

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