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I am a writer researching Photojournalism. What hardships does a Female PJ endure compaired to a male PJ? What are the obstacles she must go through?

Does Post traumatic stress occur often in PJ's

Any comments would be appreciated.

Thanks, Dawn ")

-- Dawn Norman (transender1@iwon.com), October 01, 2001



I've worked with some very talented and great women photojournalists, I feel many have such a different approach to a story. As for you question, "what hardships..." As I tell my students, PJ is a lifestyle not just a 9-5 job.

Thinking on many of my female friends and the industry. It's pretty harsh on relationships if you serious about the business and what it means to be a professional photojournalist. Think of what it's like to be on assignment in areas in which you'd probably never go/visit for fun or just to go, say shopping or take your family.

PJ is a unique occupation, 50 lbs. of gear on your shoulder as your chasing down some runner at a marathon for caption info. Or the late night and tight deadline on election night in any major city.

If you like the lifestyle it then has no hardships because you're doing what you love and you do it because it has meaning to you.

Hope that helps a bit.


-- Jeff Burkholder (jburkholder@nmvinc.com), December 31, 2001.

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