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The big guy was settin on the kitchen chair eatin dry pancakes. "Set down and have some breakfast--there's plenty for you"! I told'm that I'd already et before comin over. "Plenty of peanut butter to put on'm! Sure you don't want some"? The rest of his family came in and set down at the kitchen table--scooped up the remaining pancakes-spread p-butter on'm and had a feast. Wash'd it all down with iced T. My mouth was dry as cotton just watchin'm eat.

His outdoor wood furnace was actin up so ole Jeep and I went to have a "look see" at it. The wood shed, with it's whole side open and empty of any firewood, is located within 5 feet of the loading door of the furnace. In that woodshed--last year--he had a big easy couch facin the burner. On some of the coldest days of last winter [an winter before for that matter] you could go past their house and the whole family would be settin in that wood shed ]remember the Culhanes of Cornfield county on Hee Haw? ] watchin the furnace burn. They didn't open the door except to load it but that didn't matter any. They had a nice wood burnin furnace and was proud to set outside in the subzero weather just to watch it smoke!

"Gotta get the boys to crawl under the house and fix that heat "duck" fore too long. Dogs get into it and crawl up to the registers wantin in--old lady is too big and fat to get under the house"!

Dogs were/are plentiful around their house along with ducks, geese, guinas and bunches of other critters that were penned up. Some "Lops" were also present in their cage under the shade trees. Boats, fishin gear, 4 wheel pull vehicles, mobile homes [2] also set in the yard. Poor folks just tryin to get by. He's disabled and with only an income of about $400 per month. She's his caretaker and makes less than that. The boys are both good workers but it takes all their cash to live. These are genuine folks that would give you the shirt of their backs if you needed it. They would also do anything for you ---that is -if they liked you. Bankers, insurance salesmen, politicians and ANY Federal, state or local officials are NOT welcomed at their house!! In a lot of ways I tend to agree with'm. Their motto is "live and let live but me alone". Purty good advice to live by!

Jesus is Lonesome for His people to talk to Him. Has He heard from you lately? He's waiting for your call. Old hoot, the big hillbilly from ILL, gibson. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, October 02, 2001

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