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I posted recently that I have joined you wonderful folks on the path to find God. I went to a different church this past Sunday, and actually trembled through an hour and 45 minute service, it felt so special, so filled with holiness. It was indescribable. I'm wondering if some of you would like to help me, by sharing whatever you think will benefit someone who is really starting from square one. I know that reading the Bible is crucial, and I try, and I think I need to find a study group right away. Please feel free to e-mail me personally (repeatedly!) if you want to. I need all the help I can get! Thank you.

-- Cathy in NY (hrnofplnty@yahoo.com), October 02, 2001


Does your church have a bible study group? Most do. If not, perhaps there is a church in your area which has them. Great way to read the bible and get to discuss it with other folks at the same time. Sometimes new Christians are reluctant to join a bible group because they tend to think that everyone there knows more than they do and feel intimidated. There will be some folks who have been reading the bible for several centuries and still say "Oh my, I never looked at it that way before." God bless.

-- lesley (martchas@bellsouth.net), October 02, 2001.

Hey Sis! Glad you had a such a nice service!

I agree with Lesley. Oftentimes churches will have Bible study one night a week or maybe prior to the service. It is really helpful to have a smallish group so that you can discuss things and not feel that you are standing up in front of a small town to ask questions. That can be daunting. The first church I went to after being saved was gigantic and they had a special class one night a week for new believers which was nice.

One thing I would reccommend is to set yourself to reading one book as a study and then do some perusing at different times. I always used to just flip around and that isn't the best way to learn straight off the bat. The Psalms are great for reading one each day. A lot depends on where you are at personally as to what you might want to study out.

BTW, I am just so terrifically, exuberantly, unabashedly, thouroughly, thrilled to be in the same family with you!!!!

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), October 02, 2001.

I think it'd be neat if we could start a study group right here!

-- Rebekah (daniel1@itss.net), October 02, 2001.

Rebekah, that sounds like a wonderful idea! I'm either going to call or stop in the church today and ask about a bible study. The pastor made reference to a bible some are using, broken down to a portion per day, and I think he said they sell them. I do feel like a dope, because I'm 43 and I know so little about the bible. But......I feel thrilled beyond words at the love and support I've been given.

-- Cathy in NY (hrnofplnty@yahoo.com), October 03, 2001.

Don't feel like a dope for not knowing much aout the Bible. There's a whole host of people that know less. Don't expect to understand/learn everything right away. Wait on God. Don't be afraid when the honeymoon period is over. Wait on God. Take time to relax, all this excitement will wear you out. Wait on God and remember one of the hardest things to do is to wait on God.

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (atilrthehony@countrylife.net), October 03, 2001.

Also, remember when satan starts on you and brings up your past, remind him of his future. If you don't have the faith/confidence in your faith, use the Name of Jesus quite often. All power is in His name

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (atilrthehony@countrylife.net), October 03, 2001.

Hey sis! I can't add anything to the above answers I don't believe. Very good advise already listed. "Study and show yourself approved". "My people die for lack of knowledge". You're on the right track. old hoot. Matt.24;44

-- old hoot gibson (hoot@pcinetwork.com), October 03, 2001.

Hey Sweetie,

God bless you! I will make a suggestion as it was suggested to me and it worked really great.

I was told to get an Amplified Study Bible, a ruler and a box of Bible marking pencils. Along with that I was told to get a Strongs Concordance to the Bible and start in the New Testament.

I started with the Gospel of John with that Amplified and I tell you that I got started and it was so easy to understand that I literally got to the point that I couldn't hardly put the Good Book down!

I was told to pray before I started that the Holy Spirit would teach me what I needed to know before I started studying. He has never failed yet! When I needed encouragement I would pray for that. When I needed wisdom to solve a problem I would pray for that. I would pray and read until God provided the answers to solve my problems.

He is so wonderful and He answers if we seek Him.

There are a lot of churches out there that do not teach the truth and are into this new age doctrines so honey, pray, pray, pray when you go to find a church bible study.

-- Stephanie Nosacek (possumliving@go.com), October 06, 2001.

Bible study is 10am, right before the service, and there are a few groups to pick from. I've decided to start with the class that is on the Book of John. I'm really looking forward to it. Tell you all about it tomorrow!

-- Cathy in NY (hrnofplnty@yahoo.com), October 06, 2001.

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