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He was a big dude, full beard and arms as big as trees ---well almost. Just a few years younger than I but about 100 pounds more than me. Always grinnin under that full beard that was all white for the last 20 years I guess. He homesteaded in Alaska about 45 years ago and stayed a year before movin back down in the sticks---across the river bottoms from me. Married a good woman--also from the country--settled down and raised a family. He farmed a little, had some oil wells--but his main income was a sawmill! A big circle mill that he would work in the dead of winter --BAREFOOTED! Bib overalls, blue chamboris shirt and when he did wear shoes to work in-- it was usually gum boots! One of the best fiddle players that I ever heard and his favorite was waltzes. He'd visit my old pappy years ago and pap taught'm how to play those waltzes. Pap taught'm well!!

A devout Christian that "talked the talk and walked the walk". The last time I saw'm he was at his brother's house gettin something fixed. His younger brother was an auto mechanic and teacher at the local college--teaching auto mechincs. I was there workin on his brothers churche furnace and a/c and the key was there. The big dude asked me if I could preach at the "drop of the hat". I told'm "sure--a salvation message---is there any other"? He kinda grinned and said he belived that I probably could!

It wasn't too long after that--that he contacted cancer. He didn't last very long after that. He was and still is--missed by many folks. His sawmill business was really thriving back then and is being run by his boys now I guess. Still busy as ever, sawin out slats and runners for their little business of buildin pallets for the local factories. They also still saws timber for local folks with their own trees---usually for "pig" lumber.

I had occasion more than once--to play music with him several years ago. When he stroked that bow across those old fiddle strings in a slow waltz---it was usually a solo for him. I, along with all the other guys would lay down our music boxes----and listen!

Rest in peace old friend--and enjoy your new home thats not built by human hands. Walkin on those streets of pure gold----BAREFOOT!! Old hoot gibson. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot (, October 03, 2001


Hoot, I am sorry for the loss of your friend, but it sure is a comfort to know where he is! Blessings to you.

-- Doreen (, October 05, 2001.

Hoot, I second Doreen. It is always hard to lose one that has enriched our lives, but we do rejoice in that he is with the Father now, probably sawin the fool out of a golden fiddle, and praising the Lord!! Love ya brother!!

-- Uncle Jake (, October 05, 2001.

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