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Anthrax Confirmed in South Florida

10/04/01 4:00 EST Health and Human Services Director Tommy Thompson announced that there has been a confirmed case of pulmonary anthrax reported to the CDC. The victim is an unidentified 66 year old man from Lantana, Florida. Thompson said this was an 'isolated' case that could have been contracted naturally. In all of the 20th century, there have been only 18 cases of pulmonary anthrax in the United States. The last confirmed case was 25 years ago. Anthrax symptoms include severe upper respiratory distress. Thompson said that the CDC has sufficient medicine to treat two million people for a period of sixty days. This type of anthrax is not contagious. It is contracted by inhaling the spores of the virus directly. We'll update as information develops.

Virus Literally "Melts" Victims

Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever Rages On Afghan Border

10/04/01 An Ebola-like virus called Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever and believed to have come from within Afghanistan is raging through refugee camps containing as many as four million refugees. According to one doctor at the scene, a patient infected with the virus 'literally melts'. There have been suggestions that Osama bin-Laden is experimenting with various bio-weapons. A test run?

Read Zechariah 14:12

-- Sissy Sylvester-Barth (, October 04, 2001


Ah nuts. Thanks for the update.

-- Doreen (, October 04, 2001.

I, the totally naive person, who never ever sees any suspicious government actions, never gives any credibility to talk of "conspiracies", who laughs outrageously at X-Files and scoffs at tabloid journalism, who was nicknamed "Pollyanna" in graduate school, finally have my eyebrows raised quite high over this anthrax reporting. Are we to believe that this "avid outdoorsman" came across a wild goat infected with anthrax, captured it and shook it by the nape of its neck while taking very deep breaths? Or, perhaps he came across a particularly dusty road, recently traveled by a herd of anthrax-infected cattle, lay down in the road and gulped the dust full of spores? This calls for more research from "Pollyanna"..I am just not buying this one at all.

-- lesley (, October 04, 2001.

It appears that the haemorrhagic fever is probably a naturally occurring disease outbreak, it's been going on for months, the disease is endemic throughout eastern Europe and across through central Asia and is spread by ticks. The people of Afghanistan are in poor health, not practicing good hygiene, and are evidently frequently sleeping in close contact with their livestock due to all the upheavals. That said, I strongly share Lesley's suspicions about the anthrax case in Florida. I'm also worried about the three meningitis cases that were reported this morning (Garden City, MI) because evidently anthrax can manifest as a form of meningitis. Haven't heard anything more on that situation, so we'll have to wait and see what develops.

Keep strong in prayer, and make sure you have supplies to get you through a prolonged disturbance.


-- Kathleen Sanderson (, October 04, 2001.

Hey, the guy in Florida was first diagnosed as having meningitis. I haven't heard much about the wild, anthrax laden goat populace of the wilds of North carolina...nor about any outdoor extremist goat shaking events. And I have a friend who actually watched that show on MTV with all the idiot boys- polite company precludes the naming of said program -!

Let us know, Pollyana.

-- Auntie Polly Anna (, October 04, 2001.

Just read a fascinating article on the CDC website. If you care to read it yourself, it is under "Anthrax" and then "medical". An article published in the Journal of the American medical Assn. (JAMA) in 1999. JAMA is the creme' de la creme' of medical journals. Nobody gets published in JAMA unless they know their stuff VERY well.This article is a report submitted to the medical profession in 1999 regarding possible terrorist attack utilizing aerosol anthrax preparation. It discusses treatment, issues related to the possibility of huge numbers of casualties, diagnosing, etc. A most interesting sentence jumped out at me..."Since there has not been a reported case of inhalation anthrax in the United States since 1978,a single occurance would be of great significance." Under treatment, they discuss the fact that neither Cipro nor doxycycline is approved for Pediatric use. The consensus was that given the seriousness of inhalation anthrax exposure, give the kiddos and pregnant women whatever works. Even if you have no medical background, I'd recommend reading the article. It is in Adobe Acrobat format and I had to enlarge it 150% before I could see the page! There of course is a bunch of technical info, but also plenty that anybody not in the field can easily understand. The more we all know, the better we can all be prepared as best we can. God bless.

-- lesley (, October 05, 2001.

Lelsey, I can't find the article you are talking about. Is there any chance of highlighting the url and posting it? I did a search and still couldn't find one related to JAMA. Or maybe someone else can help???

-- Doreen (, October 05, 2001.

OK, maybe I'm paranoid, but I'm afraid that if anthrax becomes a big threat , the goat population might end up being annihilated ala Fooot and Mouth in Great Britain?

-- Rebekah (, October 05, 2001.

I got this through a link at WND. My thoughts on this Florida man, who passed away today, were that if we saw no more cases it would be a really super duper odd coincidence even considering that one of the hijackers reportedly lived in on of the town's the fella visited. Sometimes I try to be all optimistic and it gets disappointing;). I guess we will see how this pans out soon.

On another point here, I do not know if it will do any good, but there are immune system enhancers available for things other than anthrax it might be good to have them around. here is a link to a company who will sell directly to you, although they do have minimums. They manufacture the ID1 supplement that I use for my goats to keep the CAE under control. They have stuff specifically for humans as well.

10/05 10:32 Center for Disease Control Investigating Second Anthrax Case By Chris Dolmetsch

Fort Lee, New Jersey, Oct. 5 (Bloomberg) -- The Center for Disease Control is investigating a second case of anthrax poisoning in Florida, financial network CNBC reported, citing NBC News.

One man is already hospitalized in critical condition in a Florida hospital with the deadly disease, CNBC said. The disease is not contagious between people. No further details were given.

-- Doreen (, October 05, 2001.

Here are the links for the info listed above:

Anthrax PDF File

CDC anthrax location

-- Lesley (lesley@see.above), October 05, 2001.

What is going to be even more interesting is waiting to see what comes up on the 'Stealth Viruses' site. I found out a couple of years ago that HIV, AIDs, Rhumetoid Arthritis and Fybromyalgia were related. I also found out that the last two listed were communicable according to this gov site. Shocked the livin daylights out of me.

-- Stephanie Nosacek (, October 06, 2001.

What all of those have in common is that they are auto immune disorders. That's why I was reccommending the company at the top of the lat post. I don't think it will help anyone against anthrax, but a healthy immune system prior to exposure to any biologicals is a benefit.

Rebekah, I think it will come to that sometime because that's really what the Bible says..sorry I can't grab the scripture out of my brain, but I was studying just that the other night.

-- Doreen (, October 06, 2001.

The other night I was searching out articles on Anthrax and came across a very methodical article saying that in the case of massive anthrax exposure no one with any symptoms would be treated, only asymptomatic folks, because there just wouldn't be enough in the way of resources to treat those who already exhibited symptoms. It also stated that it had (inhalational anthrax) has a 95% mortality rate. I tried to find it this am and I can't locate it or I would post the link here. It seemed to be very in line with the PDF document linked above.

-- Doreen (, October 06, 2001.

They won't treat the people with symptoms because once you start showing symptoms the treatments don't help, so they want to save the treatments for the other exposed people who *aren't* showing symptoms yet and who they have at least a small chance of saving. That said, it doesn't sound like they have enough medication for a large outbreak anyway. But IF they tried to use anthrax as a weapon, and IF this one man is the only victim, it would be some comfort that the casualties were so low.

Here is a warning I received from the TimeBomb 2000 forum (it started out as a Y2K prep forum):

<[EAS] HEADS-UP For New England Area This is from a forum member who sent this to us for posting...

Husband and I live in Castleton, Vt.

Been a long time lurker, but have info that I have to pass on and is should make headlines here in Vt.

We both work at GE Aircraft Engines here in Rutland Vt. We make all the blades that go in GE Engines, Military and Commercial. There are a few exceptions made by our sister plant in Bromont Canada.

We work 2nd shift and thru the GE grapevine, we heard rumors before work, but upon starting our shift we were called into a meeting and told that early Friday morning the U.S. Gov. had contacted GE's corporate and passed the message on to the rest of the plants. They said, "there is a high probability of a terrorist attack taking place in the New England Region within the next 48 hrs."

We were told that if we were uncomfortable staying at work we could leave. Then a short speech on how they had stepped up security. Our foreman said the Gov. had said they had also contacted other businesses that related to the warning.

We have two plants here in Rutland. I would say that 2/3's of the people were gone by break time from our plant and the word from the other plant was more than half.

My husband and I stayed, very unsettling. Glad it's a weekend, don't think I could walk back in there tomorrow.

The way gossip is at GE it should make headlines in the Rutland Herald and I certainly hope it does.

********************************** Heads-Up everyone, especially those of you in New England area.


So if anyone is in New England, keep your eyes open and your head down!


-- Kathleen Sanderson (, October 06, 2001.

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