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My does were all in heat and as per Rebekah's input on breeding them early in the cycle I tried to do so. I also tried to post a reply on that thread, but the thing disappeared into cyberspace without a trace. here's my question, if they have indeed been bred, do they still show signs of heat the next day? Thanks!

-- Doreen (, October 05, 2001


Yes, they do. It's tempting to rebreed them, but I don't. If they seem to go out of heat, and then back in again a couple days later, I do rebreed her. There is some evidence that in such a case, the doe was ovulating the first time and then again a couple days later, and that if you rebreed you have a better chance of triplets or quads. Supposedly, many of the breed leaders and top lactations were connected with this type of a heat cycle and quadruplet births. So if I know she has gone out of heat and then comes right back in, I rebreed her right at the start of the second heat cycle. Hope that makes sense.

-- Rebekah (, October 05, 2001.

That makes perfect sense to me. Thanks a bunch, and I hope they all took!

-- Doreen (, October 05, 2001.

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