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I edited a video in Final Cut Pro on a Mac G4. Is there any way to record from the Mac onto a Mini-DV tape using a Mini-DV camera? I tried by connecting the camera to the Mac using the FireWire cable but when I tried to record I could only record what was coming through the lense.

In the Final Cut Pro manual it says it is impossible to record onto a camera - can this be?

Thanks for your help!

-- Galia Moors (galia@nyc.rr.com), October 05, 2001


I have a Canon MiniDV Camera and I have no problem recording from the G4 to the camera. If you used the DV camera to transfer the video (via firewire) to the Mac, then you should be able to do the reverse. Check to make sure the camera is recognized by FCP when you open your project. A good way to check this is by opening the Log and Capture window, and making sure you have a "VTR OK" message above the transprt controls. Hope thi s helps! Dave

-- David Shelleny (dshelleny@dsmusic.com), November 01, 2001.

Another note....if your camera is recording from the lens, it sounds like you camera was in movie mode, not VTR mode. Check the manual to see if your camera has a VTR mode (most if not all do) and how to set it.

-- David Shelleny (dshelleny@dsmusic.com), November 01, 2001.

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