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Yep, Kevin and I leave for MO next Sunday morning. We'll be staying until Friday. This will be the first time we actually "see" the 5 acres I bought about a year ago (from We've seen lots of photos, and have been corresponding with our soon-to-be neighbor, and great friend, Gail. We'll be camping in a borrowed tent, along with all 4 dogs and the newest kitten, so it should be fun. Hope we don't freeze our fannies off! I'd like to get a few things underway, such as the temporary electric hook-up, a PO box, select a garden site and start working on it, and check out the town of Hartville (pop. 530--yeehaw!!). If nothing big happens to screw up our plans, we'll be moving there in May. A whole week of NO newspapers and no healthfood store, wow that sounds great! Love you guys!

-- Cathy in NY (, October 08, 2001


Have fun and God Bless

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (, October 08, 2001.

Have a great trip, and tell Gail hi! I hope he's doing well.


-- Kathleen Sanderson (, October 08, 2001.

Cool beans! That will be a good time. Please say "HI!" to Gail for all of us! You might want to make sure you have your dogs and cat protected against ticks as they are crazy in that part of MO. Enjoy your trip!

-- Doreen (, October 08, 2001.

Hello Cathy, Welcome to Missouri! WE live a little further south of your new homestead near the Arkansas border in Ozark County, Mo. We recommend planning your gardens and out buildings first. We also recommend observing the lay of the land to see how the rainwater flows, how much protection your house will have from wind and rain and stuff like that. This is what we did! Believe me every detail like that can make a difference in your over all comfort. If you make your chicken coup too far from the house you will be walking to it every day. Imagine how many miles you will accumulate in one year. However, if you have it too close you will be uncomfortable because of flies, noise, and smells. Same thing applies to gardens and outhouse. Plan everything on paper and allow the lay of the land to be your guide. We are building our house on the corner of a hill on our land, figuring that it is easier to walk from the house going down hill that to leave going up hill. Natural paths leading to the outhouse and toolshed were already discovered long before we began construction on the house. Camping on your land this week will be a wonderful experience and hopefully you will experience much types of weather now. We have had several frosts here already, in addition to a couple of good rains in the last two weeks. These things mean a lot to homesteading as you will soon be very close to the land and have to accept the consquences of the weather and season changes. Sincerely, Ernest

-- (, October 08, 2001.

I am SOOOOO excited for you! Having lived in MO. for 15 years I can tell you to bring both your longjohns and your bathing suits. You just never know what the weather will be like, even in October. On Halloween, my children were either freezing to death or sweating like the proverbial pig. How wonderful this will be for you! Please tell us all about it when you return! God bless.

-- lesley (, October 08, 2001.

Also welcome. We live in Branson on 35 acres and love it. Moved from SF and would not want to go back.

Andre in MO

-- Andre Coltrin (, October 13, 2001.

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