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Well---Lil Dumplin and the old hillbilly mosey'd up to the north end of our farm this afternoon and had a "look see" at the corner of our property. A big bluff right in the corner that drops off almost 30 ft to the bottom. Rode up on the Troy Bilt with the little 2 wheel trailer behind that Lil Dumpllin rode in. Big, tall weeds in the corner of the field under those many tree limbs. Went ahead and mow'd'm down so's we could get into that corner. Looked it over rite well and decided where exactly we will build our little cabin. [Lord give me a little cabin in the corner of Glory Land"] Don't intend to have grid but will have water----run from our house about 800 ft south of this location. Gotta have that water for the "potty", shower and cookin. Also gotta have that wood cookstove ole jeep done give to me. I ain't fix'n to rough it very much up there--hence the "potty", shower and runnin water! I can live without the grid---it'll give me a change [excuse] to build the alternate power supply I've been "thunk'n" on for a spell.

As soon as we can get some things done I'll start buildin that little cabin. A gasoline powered air compressor, on wheels, will run the nail gun quite nicely. The old arms just can't swing a hammer like they used to. Who knows----maybe Lil Dumplin and the old hillbilly just mite move up there! Course---ole calvin would get lonesome if we didn't take'm along with us. He/she/it is kinda dumb and gets lost a mite from the house.

Regarding the war: I'm not gonna go dig me a hole just to crawl in until it's all over. I'll also not be feared of my shadow either. I KNOW Who to trust in and He won't let me suffer very much. I can expect to encounter a few difficulities though. He already went though bunches and even laid down His life for me and YOU! Surely I can endure a little for Him.

When we get our place built-we just might have a BIG cookout next summer! That is if He doesn't call us home via death or the Rapture! A big firepit where we can roast a hog over. Hmmmmm, just thought of my nab'r. He has 6,000 head of feeder hogs down the road a piece!!!! Naw, if they taste like they smell------! SPAM ANYBODY?

Old hoot, the redeemed and "say'n so" gibson. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, October 08, 2001


Hey Hoot - you can keep the spam, but save some of that roasted hog for me! I can smell it cookin' and hear it sizzlin'!

I just bought me a "palm" nailer and love it! I pulled the muscles in my arm the other week, but had to build a rabbit hutch and didn't want to do that much swingin' of a hammer with it till it mended some more. Perfect opportunity to buy a new toy - er - tool, but couldn't quite bring myself to buy one of them big thing$ either, much less spend money on them fancy nails. But this palm nailer is nice - uses standard 6D ~ 16D nails, which I got lots of, and uses little air.

-- Eric in TN (, October 09, 2001.

Ok Hoot, let me know when your getting started. You don't live that far. Sindy and I will have to come help. And I'll bring a boy or 2 w/ me. I can hammer pretty good, the boys can carry stuff anyway, and Sindy will help Lil Dumplin feed us! We could even make some music at night........if we can stay awake! Let me know. John

-- John in S. IN (, October 10, 2001.

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