A good deal! [preachin]

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I first met Him when I was a teenager. He was a young Middle Easterner---ask'd me if I would do a favor for Him. I asked what? He said the job was easy just to tell folks about Him. I didn't see anything wrong with that so I accepted His offer. In return for this "tellin" other folks about Him--I would receiver Eternal Life, Healing, Protection and Blessings beyond words. I've since thought about that deal I made way back in 1961---June! I STILL am amazed at the Truth I heard that day. I've been tellin folks about Him ever since and I still don't regret that decision I made. He's also my best friend--good company as I can talk to Him whenever I want. I can also read His Word when I get lonesome, when I want knowledge, reassurance and power!

I've heard folks [ some that call themselves Christian] curse the Jews and tell how they are a bunch of greedy crooks. Apparently they don't know WHO I know! He gave and gave and gave---over 2,000 years ago. He's STILL giving of Himself--to an old hillbilly that deserves hell. I'll never experience hell because of that little "deal" we made over 40 years ago. Me want to reneg? Absolutely NOT!

Jesus said--" I am the Way the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father but by Me"! Old hoot gibson. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (hoot@pcinetwork.com), October 09, 2001


Yep. Thanks brother.

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), October 09, 2001.

Like the bumper sticker says... MY BOSS IS A JEWISH CARPENTER!! I love him and am sure glad that he loves me!! :)

-- Uncle Jake (lulafred@cs.com), October 09, 2001.

I never saw that bumpersticker! I need one of those. Thanks guys, John

-- John in S. IN (jsmengel@hotmail.com), October 10, 2001.

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