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I am half way trough reading 'en avant la zizique' and my lecturer wants an answer to the question 'what was Vian's opinion of the music industry?' To be honest most of the book seems to be a bit 'tongue-in-cheek' but I'd welcome anyone's ideas. Thanks.

-- Louise Clare Deans (, October 10, 2001


Hi Louise,

Vian was pretty much tongue In cheek about everything, I think. However he was an enthusiastic promoter of black American music and was host to many famous names when they visited France. He probably thought that the music industry cashed in on jazz with white bands who made all the money while the black originators struggled financially, and against reacism. Since he worked in the music industry at Phillips near the end of his life he would have formed some strong opinions but I don't know what they were. He probably would have tried to champion black music, but I don't know how successful he was. If you are doing a paper on la zizique I would love to read it.


-- robert whyte (, October 10, 2001.

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