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Noble is dead as an old door nail,

it doesn't even have a bank or a jail.

They built a new highway just south of town,

so folks passin through wouldn't have to slow down.

There's an old man that lives not too far off,

he's the same old man that shot ole M. Poff.

Written by lil Brother in the mid 60's while in highschool. [See "the death angel" in the archives of]

Noble is the town closest to where we grew up and went to school in. A little dirty town of about 500 poor folks that had to live in it! It's since cleaned up and grown to a metropolitian area of 750 folks! It now has a bank and the old jail cells which has been painted up and now sets under the water tower in the park. It also had grown to be like the "big boys" and sports a liquor store!!!! A barber shop, mechanic shop, resturant and a gas station! It also houses a few businesses that build those curved glass china cabinets, a concrete ornament factory and some trucking companies. Both grade and high schools still exist in spite of Olney want'n to take'm over.

I wouldn't even go there but Mom moved there about a year after pappy died in 83. Have to take her "well water" to drink. Noble's water supply is pumped from Olney. Olney has puky water and it ain't any better when it gets to Noble either!

What about your hometown/closest hometown where ya'll grew up? All you country folks----ain't you glad you don't have to live in town---?

I'll live in a town someday but it won't be a dumpy little dirty town. No squabblin or fightin amongst the inhabitants. Heaven is the name of that town. Jesus Christ is/will be the mayor! No unhappy souls there!! No polluted drinking water, no liquor stores or any other undesirable establishment. Won't that be great? C'mom and go with Lil Dumplin and the old hillbilly! We'd be most honored! old hoot, the hillbilly, gibson. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, October 10, 2001


Hoot, I'll be honoured to see you and yours there. Love Alison

-- Alison Homa (, October 10, 2001.

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