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Al Qaida's bio-warfare facility hit

PTI (New Delhi, October 11)

A production facility for poisonous chemicals and biological warfare agents, belonging to Osama bin Laden's Al Qaida outfit is among a large number of targets hit by the US-led strikes in Afghanistan, an Israeli newspaper reported on Thursday.

"Apparently, one of bin Laden bases which manufactured various poisons, including biological weapons was hit in the air strikes" the daily, Ha'aretz reported.

Quoting western sources, it said that though the US administration was "extremely careful" in disclosing the targets hit by American and British warplanes, the US intelligence held "detailed information on the location of Al Qaida organisation camps".

Stating that one of the bases attacked was "a chief manufacturer of explosive materials", the paper said the US and British bombers had also targeted "instructional and training bases near the cities of Jalalabad and Khut, located close to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border".

"Professional bases as well as Al Qaida manufacturing centres, including intelligence bases near Kandahar and Kabul have also been hit," it said, adding that "according to Western claims, Al Qaida members were trained to carry out attacks and hijackings at these bases".

-- Swissrose (, October 11, 2001


Let's hope the Hindustan Times is right.

-- Swissrose (, October 11, 2001.

I am surprised at the detail of Al Quida's facilities given. Either our combined intelligence, with so many other countries is great. Or, rumors are flying off the shelf.

-- Uncle Fred (, October 11, 2001.

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