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A while back I posted a question taking a survey of which dual- or triple-purpose cow to look into. I have decided to start my research with the milking shorthorn. So far I have discovered that this is a good, old, American breed that was used for beef, milk, and ox power. They are listed as a "vulnerable" (one notch up from "rare") breed in Canada. I have heard that there are some beef shorthorns at the experimental farm in Ottawa; I plan to go and see them as well as the dairy breeds they have. Other than what I have mentioned, I don't really know much about them.

Where in Canada (preferrably eastern Ontario) can I find anyone who raises these cattle? Are they expensive (I would think so)? Do you have to be specially registered to own them? Can you make a profit breeding them? Does "rare" in this case mean "valuable" or "not wanted"? Is there a milking shorthorn group/association/club?

Thank you for any answers to any questions.

-- Cathy N. (, October 12, 2001


P.S. Thanks to all of you who answered my original survey. I am keeping all that info and gradually reading up on the different breeds mentioned.

-- Cathy N. (, October 12, 2001.

they appear to be more expensive there than here.the canadian web site is in clarksburg ontario, phone 519-599-3332 Hope this helps. We raize shorthorns and dearly love them. You could do a web search for canada, I would think that it would be cost prohibitive to take them from the usa to there. Then again maybe not. There are many places here that have shorthorns. lexi

-- Lexi Green (, October 12, 2001.

There was an article on the shorthorn in Rural Delivery last year. Very informative. It was originally a dual purpose breed and then was specialised into either milking or beef. The original dual purpose is becoming harder to find all the time. If you do a search on the web you may find an association site with breeders.

-- Alison in N.S. (, October 14, 2001.

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