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This is quite interesting --

-- Steve Jackson (, October 13, 2001



Hello, Steve.

Well, at least a person can say one thing about you ... You are consistent -- consistently anti-Catholic!

Since you are a far-right-winger, I was at first shocked that you would send us to a left-wing magazine (New Republic) to read something. Ordinarily, you probably consider NR's articles to be trash -- or at least untrustworthy. Why the difference this time?

Ah ... I see why. The intent of the article is mainly to mock a Catholic, David Forte -- so the article "redeemed" itself for you!
Apparently, Steve, you missed the fact that the author dug up a couple of liberal, pro-Jewish professors to refute the Catholic scholar. [Strange bedfellows for you, Steve.] Naturally, those two guys are not going to tolerate Mr. Forte or anyone else saying good things about Islam!
(It so happens that I too disagree with Mr. Forte, Steve, but I feel sad about one of your motives for this thread -- an ulterior motive called Catholic-bashing.)

God bless you.

-- (, October 13, 2001.

Mr. Steve Jackson,

I rember you! You are the man that I read goes to other Catholic Forums and ALWAYS bashes on Catholics! You are such a downer Steve! What is realy the problem Mr. Jackson? Is there something else on your mind?

David S

-- David S (, October 14, 2001.

High All:

Could it possibly be time to give our old friend Stevie, the old permanent heave-ho? I think he has earned his stripes (as in skunk) many times over and deserves this course of action. To quote what one great American said recently, maybe it's time to “smoke him out and get him on the run”. Steve reminds me of a terrorist in many ways. He usually gets someone else to do the dirty work for him, (an article or whatever), to drop the “bomb” and then, you can be sure he is no where to be found in the vicinity when it explodes. Of course his actions are always carried out under the guise of a feigned honest attempt to search out the one true God!

St. James and Mary Our Blessed Mother pray for those who insult and attempt to injure the one true faith. May they come to see the error of their ways before it is too late.


-- Ed Lauzon (, October 14, 2001.

I can't believe I wrote "High" instead of "Hi"! It's six in the morning here and as the song goes, "I'm on my second cup of coffee and I still can't face the day!"



-- Ed Lauzon (, October 14, 2001.

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