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Since about the 20th of September, the Dallas radio station I usually listen to has been giving tips on what to do in case of bio/chemical attacks. They started off saying they'd received numerous requests for information on what to do. They had a man from the local office of FEMA on there telling they might want to get a couple of bottles of water and a day or so of ready to eat food, but not to worry because there really was no danger. About a week ago they had a man on for thirty minutes telling people what to do and how they should be working out their escape routes from the metromess, complete with working out who will pick up the children and where scattered family members will meet, preferably a location several miles from the city and either at a friends or family members home or at a public park. Yesterday morning they had a woman on there from either FEMA or their local emergency preparedness office telling people they should go ahead and get at least 3 days of water for each person as well as at least 3 days of ready to eat food and all the supplies they would need for three days, then go ahead and store it in the room they plan to use, then seal up all the openings to the room (windows, doors) except the door they will use to go in. They were being reminded to shut off the ventilating system before they go in, and to seal the door and not open it until they heard on the radio that it was safe.

Now the question (finally)-----are you hearing the same type of broadcasts where you live, and if yes, please tell which city you are hearing the broadcasts from. Thanks.

Signed----Curious and becoming paranoid in NE Texas (even though I'm 100 miles away from the Dallas/Ft.Worth metromess)

-- Green (, October 14, 2001


All I've seen is a couple of short spots on local TV news saying that it's always smart to have 3 days worth of water and food. I haven't seen them say anything about sealing a room. Now I have seen a lot of this type of info on the internet but not in regular news. Sounds like someone is on the ball there!

-- Deena in GA (, October 14, 2001.

Yesterday my Dear Spouse was online researching. He tried to go to the gov. nuclear emergency site(I cannot find the address now) and it is shut down for "security reasons." This kinda set off my jerk alert!

I can assure you that the government and their lapdog media want to downplay the danger that the citizens are in simply because they don't want anyone to panic and and mess up the numbers on the stock exchange.

What does this mean? It means every family for themselves. It is time to start tuning into God's frequency and not wait for the government to tell you that you are in extreme danger.

We don't have any radio reception here except in the car when we are near the water and and can pick up Canadian stations. We get most of our information online from foreign news services. The last substantial news we read is that Bin Laden has about 10 of those missing Russian nukes.

-- Laura (, October 14, 2001.

The news here is still telling everyone everything is A OK and it's your patriotic duty to buy stuff. If it's stuff you need, then it's probably a good idea! Had a call from a friend in LA asking all manner of particulars about anthrax and, thanks to the work Lesley did, I had the answers for her. Her hubby is off to Tiajuana to try to get antibiotics in the morning. It's funny how all these people are calling up and saying they are coming to my house. I only have one bedroom, so I told them if they come they need to be bringing their house with them (tents) and water too.

Tonight I talked with my sister in Chicago and she thinks it's all going to mellow out in a month or so and we will get back to "normal" with no more biological fears. I wish I had that Mary Poppins gene sometimes.

Laura, I read a report on drudge(I think) shortly after 911 that was about these approximately 100 missing suitcase nukes. Some of ours and some of Russia's that a spy had assured our intel were spread around the country here. I have no idea whther this report panned out or not. It was one of those things you see once and then can't find again. And if there are a bunch of suitcase nukes lying around, I really don't think there is much I can do about it...I do have iodine on hand, but I cannot say I relish the thought of making it through a serious nuclear attack. I'm ready to go if that's what God wants;}.

Last Friday a station in Austin had a report about the possiblity of biological attacks on ranches. They talked about anthrax, hoof and mouth and something else that I can't pull out of my brain right now. They assured us that in Texas we have the most stringent inspections and detection capabilities for cattle particularly so there was no need for serious concern, but ranchers ought to be extra cautious with their stock. That's the only kind of 'odd' report I have encountered.

-- Doreen (, October 15, 2001.

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