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Britain "may be hated by Islamic world"

Britain's first Muslim MP is warning Tony Blair that the UK faces being "hated" as much as America in the Islamic world Mohammed Sarwar is urging the Prime Minister to try and prevent this happening by securing a Palestinian peace settlement and ending sanctions on Iraq.

In an interview with the Sunday Times Scotland, Mohammed Sarwar said America has to accept blame for Osama bin Laden - and offered to act as a mediator to resolve the conflict.

The Glasgow Govan MP said: "If we can bring a peaceful resolution to the Palestine dispute and deal with the sanctions against Iraq, I believe we will be living in a better world, and the Prime Minister will take the credit.

"But if he fails, he will be hated as much as the Americans."

Mr Sarwar also said that by financing Bin Laden to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, the US should accept responsibility for his terrorist operation.

He said: "The only way we will cure it is if we accept ourselves what we have done wrong.

"I have not heard any leader from the USA accepting this. They always say: `They hate our freedom, they hate our democracy, they hate us because we are a superpower'.

"The sooner they realise it's nothing to do with this, the better."

Mr Sarwar added: "My fear is if this is not a swift action and people see pictures of hundreds of thousands of people dying of hunger, there will be a backlash in Muslim countries, there will be a backlash in this country."

-- Martin Thompson (, October 14, 2001


What a joke. This is B.S.

-- jimmie-the-weed (, October 14, 2001.

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