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It's not against Islam, Muslim donation not accepted to USA, and yes it's not a crusade either?

by Naeem Afzal

Mayor Giuliani of New York cold heartedly rejected a generous gift of 10 million dollars for the victims of WTC from a Muslim Saudi Prince Prince Alwaleed , sixth richest man in the world. Interestingly Mr. Giuliani gave an excuse of his press statement, in which Prince asked USA to revise its Middle East Policy. The prince's statement said the United States "should re-examine its policies in the Middle East and adopt a more balanced stand toward the Palestinian cause.

"While the U.N. passed clear resolutions numbered 242 and 338 calling for the Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and Gaza Strip decades ago, our Palestinian brethren continue to be slaughtered at the hands of Israelis while the world turns the other cheek," the statement said.

Muslims all over the world are shocked and hurt by this rejection. It is gradually becoming evident that the word, "Crusade" was not used mistakenly by President Bush, but it's the part of overall well planned staged drama in which USA wants to convince its own citizens that Arabs, Islam and Muslims have now become the worst enemy of USA and west.

In other words, this is what they are saying in their own language: Americans and our western friends, We can't accept the fact that there are 1 billion muslims in the world and it is the fastest growing religion in the world. We are least bothered about Muslims sentiments towards their brethern in Palestine who are dying daily, and their deads can't be compared with our deaths in America. Because those who die in Palestine are young Punks who threw stones on Israeli forces who have occupied their land, so what if in return they kill those young Palestinians, they are simply a waste on the surface of earth and it's better to have them killed. We will continue to be the best friend of Israel, no matter how many innocent civilians they kill on the daily basis. We are the true champions of human rights, but yes we consider only West and Americans to be real humans. We can't even tolerate any statement against Israel, and that's why we threw the donation back to the Prince of Saudia who dared to ask us why should we review our policy towards Israel. Who the hell is Prince Al Waleed to tell us what to do. Doesn't he see that Israel and USA has a same goal. They kill muslims in Palestine, while we kill in Iraq and now in Afghanistan. Sadam and OSama are just excuses for us to crush the people we want to crush. We love Oil and we will keep getting oil, rather keep sucking Oil from your region and will keep on dictating you folks. In our eyes you are Arab goats and sand niggers and nothing else. Look we just slapped you on your face and will continue our bombings over Afghanistan, and as you know in war there are Civilian casualties, so what if couple of hundered dies. And only watch and listen to CNN, Fox News and BBC, because Al Jazeera is a Arab TV and we may ban that TV Channel in USA, because they are liars. Only CNN and BBC run by western people are the true voice of humanity. Again those dead Afghanis are no match to our 4000 deads in WTC. We are the supreme nation in the world. We are united against Islamic World and we shall remain united till we win this crusade!

Muslims all over the world know that Mr. Giuliani has been one of the most vocal supporter of Israel and its expansion policies which is vastly condemned as zionism by the majority of muslim world. Below please find links taken from different sources, which may well explained the reasons behind the scenes for this rejection by Mr. Giulian. Mr. Giuliani said, “The last act President Clinton should have in office is to finally fulfill the will of the U.S. Congress and to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem.”

“Israel,” said Giuliani, is a “country that’s been a very, very good friend to the United States. Friends are intended to stick together in difficult times.” .....The Jewish Week

Giuliani Blasts 'Mindless' Judge for not treating Muslims equally.

Elections USA

Washington Report

Jews of the Day

After all these incidents which are alarming for the muslim world, I still have hope that American nation will rise one day against their own nation and would stand by with the opressed people of the world rather that what CNN and BBC tells them. Washington behind doors is indeed different from what they see by sitting on their couches at home.

Killing innocents should be condemned all over the world by everyone regardless of their race, religion and ethnic background. Muslims all over the world condemned the barbaric act of Sept 11, 2001, yet media still use the words, Islamic Terrorism. May I ask if IRA people are Catholic Terrorists ? CNN and BBC calls them IRA, similarly other terrorist and militia organizations have names, so let us refrain using such words and acts which are leading towards hatred to Islam and Muslim. Were muslims or jews supposed to hate Christians when Hitler started killing Jews ? No matter what President Bush or Tony Blair says, the fact remains on the ground that an obvious hatred has started against Muslims and Islam by the western powers and media. Mr. Rudy Giulanis recent rejection of not accepting donation by a Muslim Saudi Prince just adds the fuel to a already existed hatred and it confirms to the majority of the Muslim world that it's indeed not a crusade; rather worst than that. A new kind of crusade, like Bush is saying it's a news kind of war. Now we know what he meant by this new kind!

Long live Humanity and Peace to world!

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-- Robert Riggs (, October 15, 2001


What a great example of delusional crap and MIS-information!

The Saudi Royal family is:

1 -- one of the largest (reluctant) financial supporters of Bin Laden Al Queida via "protection" money they pay to keep them out of Saudi Arabia. Maybe, the idea of being paid from these same coffers is repugnant -- especially -- from a family whose own policies toward terrorists is so "questionable"...yet, HE gives the US a lecture??

2 -- The Saudi Royal Family is reviled by a great deal of the Muslim world as a corrupt regime, yet the yutz writing this Attack piece, now "cleaves unto" them like brothers -- for the purposes of this manufactured piece of expedient!

This guy doesn't even bother to give one statement, other than his own, or example that supports his assertion that "Muslims all over the world are shocked and hurt by this rejection.

I guess he is really not just a writer (or a propagandist), but THE spokesperson for the Islamic world. He also takes GREAT liberties with what he piles on to the return of a check.

Well, as the spokesperson for the entire Christian world, I say we are shocked and hurt that a so called gift to help the victims came linked with a message that implies that if we had the "right" policy toward Israel that 1000s of civilians need not have died. (TIC!!)

This is a great example of what you get when you take an agenda and then fit the facts to support it. You get garbage.

As for "May I ask if IRA people are Catholic Terrorists? " -- the answer is yes they do use the term Catholic terrorists and Protestant terrorists. All one has to do is a web search and you'll see those terms used repeatedly. Even so, they is a clear distinction, with a difference, here.

You don't have Catholic sects, with Priests calling for the death of all Protestants.

The USE of the term "Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists" dropped precipitously by the press and everyone else, after Ben laden and Al Queida were determined to be the "actors" on 9-11. The predominant term used, now, is Bin Laden and Al Queida. The phrase that is/was used the LEAST is/was "Islamic terrorist". This guy has used that 2 word phrase far more than I have heard anywhere else.

Riggs, can you post anything but anti-US propaganda...hmmmmm?

-- Jackson Brown (, October 15, 2001.

Yeah, and we couldn't care less about what Muslims all over the world think--it's time to take the gloves off.

-- jimmie-the-weed (, October 15, 2001.

I'm glad somebody is posting material outside of the major media pro- war propaganda that dominates only in the US and Great Brittain. It would do us all to read more sources. As for the hate/anger that is aimed at any alternate viewpoints, what's going on here? Millions of Afgan people are going to starve this winter at 5000 feet elevation. Anybody got a heart for the human race anymore?

-- Ken (, October 15, 2001.

Anybody got a heart for the human race anymore?

Maybe you should ask the terroists that question.

-- Martin Thompson (, October 15, 2001.

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