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Hi, I have just purchased a used Canon AE-1 Program and 35-105 "two touch" lens and I am wondering if I paid too much. I paid $135 US for the camera and $225 US for the 35-105 lens.

The AE-1 came with a 50mm lens, leather case and manual. The body is in fair shape with a little brassing on the sides and it does have the Canon squeek but all other functions seem to work fine. The 50mm is in mint condition with no marks what-so-ever.

The 35-105 zoom is in mint condition. The glass is clean and the zoom and focus controles are smooth and tight. It came with UV filter, lens hood, and both end caps.

My wife also picked up a Tokina 28-135mm AT-X zoom for her Pentax for $125 US. It is also in mint condition all around and came with a hard lens case and manual. What do you think?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers Rob

-- Rob Kunz (, October 15, 2001


If the AE-1 works properly, the $135 is a reasonably good price. I've seen them for more (and less) depending on condition.

I assume the 35-105 is a Canon brand, in which case it was a good price. I paid more for mine used (from KEH) but it was worth it - it's an outstanding lens.

I cant comment on the Tokina since I havent purchased or used one.

-- Ron Gratz (, November 09, 2001.

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