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Helicopter task force used near Kandahar

Helicopter gunships which are used to carry ground-troops are involved in special operations in Afghanistan.

A senior defence official confirmed a mission was under way early this morning near Kandahar.

The source says an AC-130 attack aircraft is being used for the mission in combination with "task force 160," the elite special forces helicopter unit.

Sources claim the mission is targeting Brigade 55, the Taliban's elite forces. The reports have not yet been confirmed.

The AC-130 turboprop plane is used by American ground forces trained for small-unit operations in hostile country. It was the first acknowledged use of special-forces aircraft in the conflict.

"We felt it was the appropriate weapon to be used," said the defence official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Story filed: 07:11 Tuesday 16th October 2001

-- Jackson Brown (, October 16, 2001


After reading other articles from other news sources, it seems it is not true that Special Forces are being used, yet.

The Annanova article was not clear, at all, about what the Special Forces air craft were used attack Taliban troops with cannon fire from a slow moving plane/heliocopters.

Sorry for the confusion. JB

-- Jackson Brown (, October 16, 2001.

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