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The sharp wind was blowin from the north today and bunches of big maple leaves were quickly movin across our yard towards the field. A little rain mixed in at time sure made it feel chilly outside. Why, old Calvin even wanted in the house where it's warm. I don't blame ole Calvin one bit! I did manage to spend most of the day inside but then poverty drove me forth for a spell. Went past the old corncrib that had blown down over the weekend. [See "death of a Landmark" on the new countryfamilies forum.] Sure is sad to see things like that in the last stages of usefullness. Soon it will be "torched" I'm sure.

Had to run to ole jeeps this evening for a little help on my genset engine. He had the woodfurnace really jumpin outside! Talk about warm inside his house!

I don't like my house cold--I turn up that t-stat nuff to be comfortable for this old hick. Course- [SECRET TIME] when I'm here alone-I set inside in my undershorts, socks and T shirt! Why not? It's my place and nobody would wanna look at my big belly anyhow!!! Don't even bother ole calvin the cat!

Lil Dumplin is in Madisonville, KY tonite and she's cold too! Motels just ain't too warm to start with ya'll know!

Found me a steam engine and boiler. All I gotta do now is to get the cash to purchase it. I'm so poor I can't pay attention anymore! Well, that ain't exactly true! I'm fix'n to take over a section of blacktop from an old duffer on Social Security. He just ain't takin care of it llike he should! Yeah, guess I'm kid'n again.

Time for the old fat man to get some more Iced T! Ain't drunk but about a gallon today. I'm runnin behind my quota of a couple gallons a day!

Fried taters, with onions, fried hog, gravy, and some green beans cooked with bacon/onions-- make a meal fit for an old hillbilly!

Jesus is coming soon! old hoot gibson. Matt.24:44

-- "old " hoot gibson (, October 16, 2001


Hey Hoot! It was actually well, for Texas it was, 37 this am. It was blowing in from your area I guess. I am s t i l l awaiting my new chimney's arrival, and I don't want to take the old one out and leave a empty hole in the roof for rain to come in until I have something ready to plug it up real quick, so hopefully the guys will finish it next week. I hope:).

You sure do live high on the hog, my friend!

Let's see, spinach enchiladas, with tofu, garlic, a little mozzarella, and a tic of green chile sauce. A meal fit for a right wing extremist vegetarian!LOL!!!! It was really good!

-- Doreen (, October 16, 2001.

Hey Bro!! As fer as I'm concerned, you coulda kept that cold wind up there!!! Hit's been a blowin all day 'round here, and got colder as the day went. By the time me and Baby got back from the PPL meeting, it wuz plum chilly in the house ( I kinda forgot to turn the t-stat up before we left ). It didn't take Baby long to jack that thang up, I'll tell you!! LOL

As for us tonite, it was THREE BEAN CASSEROLE for supper. Kinda like chili with a twist. REAL GOOD STUFF, and hit the spot in this cold weather!!! I know ol' Calvin will try his'n best to keep you warm tonite!! :)

-- Uncle jake (, October 16, 2001.

Hoot, you're gonna kill yourself with cholesterol eating like that!

Actually, I'm jealous. We had tortillas (not my favorite meal!), and I can just about taste those beans cooked with bacon and onions....

-- Tracy (, October 17, 2001.

Well- in order to clear up any misconfusion [new word] I have to correct something. I didn't get to eat what I posted for supper--not all of it anyhow. I was just DREAMIN' of eatin it. Sure did sound good tho--especially when cooked over a wood cookstove! Now for the real grub I et---green beans with red kidney beans, onions, polish sausage and taters. Sure was good! Wish Lil Dumplin was workin close to home. This "hoot" grub is gonna kill me. Course, old calvin eats what I eat too and he/she/it lookes kinda "peeked" around those green gills. For dinner [noon grub to all ya'll cityfolks] looks like it's PICKEL LOAF! Puke, gag and wishin for road kill possum. It couldn't taste much worse! Old hoot gibson. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, October 17, 2001.

Well, with the new studies done on goat milk, I'd say eat the high cholesterol grub and say God bless it! Studies are showin that goat milk inhibits, reduces and breaks down cholesterol deposits. Praise the Lord!

-- Stephanie Nosacek (, October 17, 2001.

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