Bush creates cyberterrorism panel

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October 17, 2001 Bush creates cyberterrorism panel

From National Journal's Technology Daily

President Bush formed a new panel Tuesday to fight cyberterrorism, noting that the nation's information systems are vital to business, government and national defense, reports the Associated Press.

The President's Critical Infrastructure Board will be charged with preventing disruptions of critical infrastructure, Bush said in an executive order.

The President noted an array of industries that rely on information networks, including water, telecommunications, financial and transportation, health care and emergency services, and manufacturing.

Protecting the networks is vital to protecting "the people, economy, essential human and government services, and national security of the United States," Bush said.

A key task of the board will be coordinating with private industry, which runs many of the nation's information networks. Cabinet members will constitute most of the board, along with a host of other top presidential aides. There was no firm number for how many people will serve on the panel.


-- Martin Thompson (mthom1927@aol.com), October 17, 2001

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