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I am a performing artist, so I don't have any experience with polaroid. I am considering using a projection of a polariod transfer in my next project. I may even use the transfer process in the performance. Does anyone have any general info on how I could make a transfer on a materal that could be projected and how to do fairly quicky,as it will be in front of an audance. I realise this a vaig idea, but any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, do you know of any web sites that could be helpfull.

-- Jason Crabtree (, October 18, 2001


Jason -

You probably would want to do an emulsion transfer onto a transparency and project it with an overhead projector- That would by the cheapest lo-fi way I could think to do it. But actually doing it during the performance and come out well seems a BIG risk. I would suggest having someone take a whole roll of slides messing around with camera settings of the scene you want to capture (in rehersal) then develop - find the slide that looks the best - then polaroid transfer to transparency - the project - then standing ovation!


-- Scott Bilstad (, October 28, 2001.

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