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The following was published in the October 18 2001 edition of Lloyds List

Sacked manager suspected of grenade attack on port of Polloc, Mindanao, Phillipines By Alec Almazan in Manila

GRENADE blasts rocked the largest sea port in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao early on Tuesday morning. Several buildings at the international port of Polloc were damaged, including the port manager's office and the power generator facility. There were no casualties and normal port operations were resumed in the afternoon.

Police said the explosions were caused by shoulder-fired rocket propelled grenades. They said the attack could be the result of a dispute between the acting port manager and the former manager who was ousted two months ago.

The former manager, who was sacked after being charged for misappropriation of public funds, has threatened to disrupt port operations unless reinstated. Both officials are former secessionist Muslim rebels who surrendered to the government and were subsequently appointed to run the state-owned port. The two officials are said to still maintain a retinue of armed followers.

In the meantime, police supported by a contingent of Philippine Marines, have been deployed at the port to provide protection to port personnel and passengers using the port. Polloc port is located 30 km north of Cotabato City. This international-standard facility has a well-protected anchorage that berths both coastal and ocean-going vessels. Its facilities include a 400 m main wharf and a 67 m auxiliary dock for lighters. It serves as a major shipping hub for central Mindanao.

-- Rich Marsh (, October 18, 2001

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