We're back from MO!

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Hi everyone! We got back late Friday from our trip to visit our soon-to-be homestead. We left here Sunday morning, and other than a 3 hour nap, Kevin and I drove straght thru. Well, we stopped a bunch of times for potty breaks, as we has all 4 dogs (and a kitty) with us. They travel amazingly well! It took 25 hours to get there.

We met Gail, my penpal of 18 months, and he'll be our neighbor when we move there. We bought 5 acres just outside of Hartville a year ago. Gail is a very sweet guy, been on his land about 4 years. He built his little house, and lots of animal shelters, and put in a pond-site, and he's got tons of critters. He was very warm and considerate, and I really look forward to a long friendship with him. He couldn't do enough to make our stay in the woods as comfortable as possible.

It rained most of the way there, but was clear and fairly warm when we pulled in. We put up a roll of fence to confine the dogs, and set up camp in the center. (We hadn't looked at the tent my sis loaned us, so it was too late to decide it was way too small.) Luckily, the rain held off til we were all set up. We ate and went to bed, exhausted. It poured, was very windy, and none of us slept well.

Tuesday was cold but sunny, and we walked the property and checked out the town. The land is mostly wooded, half level, half hillside. Absolutely beautiful. Never saw a more perfect place. We picked a few potential homesites, and I figure I'll put the garden where the meadow area is. I dug a couple of holes to check the soil composition, and it appeared to be slightly clay, but not bad at all. And not too rocky. I'm confident that if I can keep the wildlife out, I could raise plenty of food for us. The town of Hartville is so charming. It seemed to consist of an intersection, with shops, etc., down the two streets. There were a couple of places to eat, a hardware store, pharmacy, grocery, post office, medical clinic, and a Dollar General. There was even a laundramat! (I guess there is a WalMart about 40 minutes away.)

We spent the next two days relaxing around the fire, dreaming of our future, trying to forget how we live now. We got home Friday night, and were met at the curb by the neighbors. My house had been broken into and robbed, and Kevin's car was stolen. The guy who was supposed to deliver my newspapers had been jumped by a gang, so he only subbed for one day. It cost us $84.80 to get the car back, and the exhaust system is trashed. They caught the guys with most of my stuff still in the car, but of course the cash is gone forever. It was just a jar of quarters, but it was MY money. Thank God we had the gun with us. I cannot wait to get out of here.

-- Cathy in NY (hrnofplnty@yahoo.com), October 20, 2001


Wow, Cathy! Sounds like a good trip except for the things you met on return...Sorry about that for you. It's great that the guys were caught-stick it to 'em.

Your place sounds really nice. Did you have coyotes? The dogs will do a lot to keep wildlife away from your immediate area. Activity is probably the best protection against losing all your veggies to deer.

Glad you're back and thanks for the lovely report!

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), October 20, 2001.

Cathy -- sounds like someone's trying to tell you something! I hope it all works out for you -- best of luck!

-- Tracy (trimmer31@hotmail.com), October 20, 2001.

Oh Cathy! What a nasty thing to happen to you both! Where do you live in NY? Your new "digs" sounds wonderful..I know you will love it there..will keep you in my prayers while you recover from that terrible "homecoming" experience.

-- lesley (martchas@bellsouth.net), October 20, 2001.

Lesley, I live in Binghamton, and this used to be a great neighborhood. My sister has lived on this street for 15 years, and it's only been the last year or so that it's gotten this bad. Everyone up and down this street has been burglerized, and maybe I wasn't (until now) because I have pit-bulls. Oh well, now that the vacation is over, I can really get down to business getting ready to move. Makes me really appreciate the fact that I am able to get out and live in a more sane manner.

-- Cathy in NY (hrnofplnty@yahoo.com), October 20, 2001.

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