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Do I need filters and what kind of filters do I need, to get the best bw photography, using a canon eos rebel?

-- trudy maran (, October 20, 2001


The answer all depends on the subjects you shoot and the lighting you use.

I will assume you want to do outdoor landscapes. My favorite is a green filter. It darkens the blue sky and so pops out the clouds. It also lightens the foliage and gives better definition of the leaves in trees. If used for portraiture, it darkens the skin a bit and brings out skin texture. This generally looks good on males but may not always be pleasing on females.

A yellow filter will give somewhat the same effect as the green but with a less dramatic effect.

A red filter will give dramatic black sky and vivid clouds but green foliage will appear abnormally dark. Use it over water or snow. I have not tried it on portraits. I expect that skin tones would be lighter.

-- Ron Gratz (, November 09, 2001.

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