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I am an early childhood and elementary education major at Millersville University in Pennsylsvania. For my classroom management course I have to do a group project and present an hour and 15 minuted presentation of Dr. Glasser's noncoersive discipline theory. I was wondering if you could probide me with specific information in regards to this theory. What the main idea is behind it, how it was formulated etc. Also and interactive avtivities I would be able to do with my class instead of lecturing the entire time. Thank you for your time.


-- Meghan Kervick (, October 22, 2001


For a presentation of that length itwould probably be best to get Glassers new book 'Every Student Can Succeed' Another short book is 'The quality School Teacher' and this contains many 'short shap bits' that would be suitable for you. 'The quality School' is a more weighty book that would give you a deep insight into Glasser's thinking in this regard.All these books are by Glasser for info contact the US websight There are a host of articles dealing with this topic the titles of which which can be found on the websight or by contacting WGI or the Northeastern University, publisher of the journal

-- Ken Lyons (, October 25, 2001.

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