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Syrian arrested in Canada over terrorism

A Syrian refugee with allegedly links to an international terrorist network has been arrested in Canada.

Hassan Almrei, 27, was arrested under the country's Immigration Act.

He has been labelled by the Canadian government as a security threat.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police say the case is not connected, so far, to last month's US terrorist attacks.

Almrei, 27, is named in court documents as a suspected member of "an international network of extremist groups and individuals who follow and support the Islamic extremist ideals espoused by Osama bin Laden".

The documents say Almrei is suspected of being involved in a "forgery ring with international connections that produces false documents".

Story filed: 00:23 Saturday 27th October 2001

-- Martin Thompson (, October 26, 2001


Hang the S.O.B.

-- Buck (, October 26, 2001.

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