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Hooked up the little two wheel'd trailer onto the back of the Troy Bilt mower and started haulin trash, papers and junk wood to to the burn'n place. A BIG pile of burnables and it's all ready to torch. A couple dead elm trees, lots of cut off scrap lumber is also stacked on top of the pile. Tonite will be a good time to light it I'm a thinkin. Our little granddaughter will be down and she just loves roastin marshmellows on the outside fires.

The weather has turned off cold, winter is upon us and a nighttime fire won't feel just too bad. Snows will shortly be visit'n this part of Southern Illinois and once they start it will be in the forcast till spring, I'm afeeared.

I've put off fix'n the front left out'r axel on the old chevy 4 wheel pull all summer long. It appears that I'm just gonna hafta get it done this week! Sometimes I even amaze me ---at how lazy I can be at times! Lil Dumplin has given up on me I guess! She asked me this mornin just when I was gonna get around to puttin up that venention blind on the back door. I told'r--"I don't know-been just too lazy"! I have and there ain't no excuse for it! I also need to put front brakes on the van -- the new ones are still lay'n on the floor in the box they came in---for most a month! That ain't too bad tho---I've had'm for the front of the old chev pick up and they're still in the box for amost 2 years! Seems restin is more important than fixn stuff---well--until that "stuff" finally quits--in the dead of winter---snow on about a foot deep!

Done and worm myself out just talkin about all this stuff. Methinks I'll finish my Iced T and then take a nap. Seems to me I'm being obedient to Him. Didn't He say- "rest and renew your strength" or am I just dreamin? It IS nap time----1:00 pm! Nitey nite folks. old hoot, sleep'n beauty, gibson. Matt.24:44

-- "old " hoot gibson (, October 27, 2001


Well Hoot, procrastination pays off. With the snow and ice season here you won't be needing brakes on your vehicles 'til spring anyway.

Throw another log on the fire and curl up with the Good Book and Li'l Dumplin and dream of Jesus until spring.

Have your grandaughter burn a few marshmallows for us as our burn pile is too wet to light. Steamed marshmallows are yucky!

-- Laura (, October 27, 2001.

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