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Well Guess what? I went to a goat sale today. This lady was there and got there a little late. She had four goats to sale. Her grandpa had left and moved to Mexico earlier this year. Apparently he left her these four goats. One was a grown sannen doe, one was a grown nubian doe, and two were little ( as in this years )nubian does. She was asking 100 dollars each for the older 2 year olds and 75 for the others, cause she just really needed to get rid of them.The sannen supposedly gave a gallon of milk twice a day.( wich they poured out cause they don't like it.) Anyway she sold the sannen and one of the babies right off. This other woman talked her into letting her make payments on the other little one. She said her husband would only let her have one. So the nubian momma was all that was left. She insisted she wanted 100 for her. Most folks had left by now .And I asked her out of curiosity what her bottom dollar was and she said " Make me an offer." Well, not wanting to offend her I said I shouldn't. She said go ahead. She had to borrow a trailer to get them there and she did not want to take them home. She did not want goats!They were her grandpas and he is gone. Well I said " I only got twenty dollars ( not thinking she would agree and not needing to get her anyway ) and she said she would take it. Well no kidding I had 25 but I needed gas. Anyway I got me a nubian doe. She is bred to a registered nubian buck. Gave me the name of the man grandpa bought them from and my goat friends knew him. Said he has nice goats. She is black with white spots. And she is due to birth in February.She is a little thin as this girl had not wormed her all summer.Not real skinny mind you but just wormy. She is in need of some hoof trimming but all in all she looks real good. Oh and that's not all. I won the door prize. $10.00 gift certificate to the local feed store and nice hoof trimmers! Y-I-P-P-I-!

-- Bonnie (, October 27, 2001


I'm impressed:) Congratulations, Bonnie!

-- mary (, October 27, 2001.

WOW!!! that is so cool! Before she gives birth make sure you have her tested for CAE so that you know whether you can house the kids with her or not. i still would bottle feed the kids either way, but if you keep them seperated for 10 days or so they usually won't attempt to nurse anyway.

You'll need to give her some really good feed and some ProBios would be good to help her get settled. Also get a really good broad spectrum wormer (Valbazen is the best I know of) for her unless you intend to take her for a vet exam immediately. If it were me I would give her a week or ten days before taking her to the vet as she is going to be pretty stressed and probably lonely now for awhile.


-- Doreen (, October 27, 2001.

Hey Doreen, Someone told me not to de-worm with valbazine when they are pregnant. Something about it causeing mis-carriage? What about cydectin or ivomec? And should I worm her again in two weeks?

-- Bonnie (, October 27, 2001.

Bonnie, I don't know. I haven't heard that, but usually you worm does prior to being bred as the worming can be hard on them. I wouldn't use cydectin, or ivomectin. Vicki said that cydectin has a chemical solvent as it's carrier..I believe it was DMSO. Like toulene.

Maybe Vicki will stop in or someone else will know. There are a few folks that come here from time to time that know much more about goats than I do!! I'll put in a call for you after church and let you know what I find then. I would certainly plan on worming her though.....Is she a sweetie? What's her name?? ;}

-- Doreen (, October 28, 2001.

There are a couple of good herbal wormers that are safe to give to a pregnant doe. Hoegger's has one (which I use) and Dianne at 7-M Farm (I think) has one that might be even better than Hoegger's.

-- Kathleen Sanderson (, October 29, 2001.

Hi Bonnie, it's uposed to be safe to worm her with the valbazen. The worms will be rough on her, and so will the worming. Did you do a fecal?

Perhaps you would feel better using an herbal wormer, but I do know there are herbs that will cause abortion as sure gets nerve wracking, doesn't it!?! I believe that prior to using the valbazen, I did use safeguard paste wormer on a doe when she was pregnant with no ill effects.

I think I will go post this on a goat board and let you know what I find out!!

-- Doreen (, October 30, 2001.

Here ya go Bonnie. I didn't even need to ask it! Just get my computer to stay on line long enough for the page to load.

Valbazen is fine for you to use @8cc per 100lbs.

The Goat Shed answer to your question

-- Doreen (, October 31, 2001.

Well when I picked her up the guy that took her from the sale for me had already wormed her. He used cydectin. It is blue and smells like paint thinner. Oh well. She is hughe compared to my other two. She drug me all over the back yard on the way to the pen. I am fairly sure she will calm down in a few weeks.Thankfully she doesn't need milked. That would be fun. I know the woman milked the sannen but I don't think she milked this one. But she is pretty. She is mostly black with white spots and a little brown on the underside of her belly and legs. I can't get over how big she is! I am used to my little goats.

-- Bonnie (, October 31, 2001.

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