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I have three questions:

1) Has anybody purchsed the LOGOS Bible Software Series X ? What do you think about it ?

2) Has anybody purchased the Biblesoft PC STUDY BIBLE ? What do you think about it ?

3) What do you think about LOGOS Customer Support & Technical Support ?

Looking forward to your answer(s), reply, help and assistance.

Thank You,


-- Michael Sean O'Brien (mttrailboss@aol.com), October 27, 2001


I have purchased both Series X and PC Study Bible v3, and as far as I am concerned Series X is by far the more superior product in terms of it's functionality, ease of use, and available resources. So far I haven't had any problems with Logos Support, though to be honest I haven't had to contact them that often. Hope this helps.

-- Gordon Ballantyne (gordonballantyne@hotmail.com), November 14, 2001.

I have Libronix (logos Series X) along with about 3 other programs on my machine, and manage a computer lab at my church where we have about 6 different software packages. I've looked into this and used almost everything on the market, and I feel I can safely say the new Logos Series X is THE BEST thing on the market! It is way easy to use, and goes as far as almost anyone can go in research, just got to buy the right package and books. Bibleworks is the only thing that can go linquistically deeper, but barely, and I've only met 1 or 2 people that would use it to that degree, and it doesn't have near the extra resources. Customer support is the best of any software product I have ever purchased. And directly about PC Study Bible, well, okay for what it is, but after using Logos Series X, well, I haven't been back to PC Study Bible. Also, just look at the resources that come with the packages, Logos packs some SOLID reference materials for the money.

-- Ben Sprouse (Sprousehouse@netscape.net), May 18, 2002.

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