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Two Pakistani scientists connected with the country’s nuclear program have been arrested by the Pakistani authorities after a stay in Afghanistan.

The two scientists, now retired, are Sultan Bashiruddin Mehmood and Abdul Majeed. Both used to work in the Pakistani nuclear program, which culminated with this country joining the nuclear club with its five atomic explosions on 28th May, 1998. They also have connections with pro-Taleban Non-Governmental Organisations Ummah Reconstruction, the Al-Rashid Trust and the Al-Akhtar Trust.

The Al-Rashid Trust is on the USA’s black list of NGOs because it is strongly suspected of having connections with Al Qaeda (“the base”), Osama Bin Laden’s secret terrorist organisation. Sultan Bashiruddin Mehmood set up Ummar Reconstruction this year. Former soldiers and scientists collaborated with this organisation with the apparent intention to rebuild Afghanistan. However, the USA suspects that all these organisms exist with one intention: to construct Al Qaeda’s nuclear program.

Mehmood is described as “an extremely religious man," while Majeed has connections with Pakistan’s natural resources of uranium and plutonium. There are unconfirmed rumours that Bin Laden already has nuclear material, but this is thought not to be weapons-grade at the moment. It would appear that if Al Qaeda had a nuclear device, it would have been much easier to deploy on September 11th than the scheme with passenger aircraft, a more complex plot (which achieved its objectives).


-- Swissrose (, October 28, 2001


Still another thing I do not understand. Dirty nuclear materials should be easy to steal. They are being moved to disposal sites all the time. If you've got a bunch of suicide-happy nut-balls out there who couldn't care less if they die, why wouldn't they be stealing these cargos left and right? They would have time to steal, deliver, and destroy before they, themselves, glowed, and joined Allah from the exposure.

-- Uncle Fred (, October 28, 2001.

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