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Given all the recent fearmongering about a possible terrorist use of smallpox, and the suggestions of mass vaccinations, I thought the following perspectives might be a breath of fresh air. Forgive the length. The material includes a number of references.

Ten points on smallpox vaccination

1. Since only 10% of the world was ever vaccinated against smallpox it is ludicrous for the allopaths (medical doctors only using drugs and vaccines) to claim credit with vaccination, as scientist Glen Dettman points out

2. Wallace and Tebb proved with government statistics that the first 100 years of smallpox vaccination was a complete failure. Epidemics of smallpox followed vaccination which was why they repealed the compulsory vaccination law. And even if they had eliminated smallpox, the deaths from other causes rose to compensate, in all likelhood caused by vaccination

3. Later in the Phillipines (1905-1920) the practice was again, conclusively, shown to be useless and deadly

That is the first 120 years of smallpox vaccination--shown to be ineffective and unsafe.

4. Vaccinator Prof Dick in 1962 claimed the vaccine was killing 20 babies a year (UK) which was more than the disease. George Bernard Shaw made this claim in 1929. He used to sit on local government health boards. From 1924-1963 they admit there were 2,398 cases of post vaccinal encephalitis, with 826 deaths. According to G. Kiftel in 1967, smallpox vaccination damaged the hearing of 3,296 children in West Germany, of which 71 became totally deaf

For 30 years kids died from smallpox vaccination even though no longer threatened by the disease.

5. Tebb in 1893 stated that 3/4 of "vaccination" was in fact arm-to-arm vaccination(vesicles from smallpox victim were scratched into arms), supported, promoted and used by allopaths.

6. Dr Kalokerinos states that if he used non-disposable needles he could be arrested for malpractice, as it is impossible to sterilise them properly, even using autoclave.

So, during the first 100 years of smallpox "vaccination" diseases were spread by the practice of arm-to-arm vaccination, calf "lymph" vaccination with the complete absence of hygienic practices, and non-disposable needles were still in use in 1990, in Africa.

7. If anyone would like to take pus from a person with smallpox and scratch or inject it into their arm then they are dangerously uninformed about the spread of disease. Smallpox, hepatitis, syphilis, TB, leprosy, and so on

8. A 1990 article showed them using non-disposable needles in Africa. The current allopathic theory is HIV came from a monkey bite. What they would rather you not know is the fact they made vaccines from monkeys kidneys, and AIDS in Africa mirrors vaccinated areas

9. For those who think animal viruses are benign for humans they should look at SV40, a cancer causing monkey virus, now found in human tumours They still don't clean vaccines adequately. And now think about vaccination & variolation over the 150 years before they discovered SV40.

10. The prevailing allopathic view is that smallpox is highly infectious and serious (fearmongering ), but looking at 19th century books on smallpox vaccination it doesn't look infectious at all, and it looks like Dr Campbell was right when he said it was transmitted by the bite of a bedbug, as overcrowding was the main factor (most affected city families lived in one room) in outbreaks and spread of smallpox, along with the main cause of smallpox--poverty and poor hygiene


Smallpox severity and infectiousness

"acute infectious disease"--Encylopedia Britannica (2000)

"Dr Campbell discovered smallpox was caused by the bite of a bedbug..and the degree of severity of the disease was directly proportional to the cachexia (general ill health and malnutrition) of the patient...He spoke of "scorbutic cachexia" relating it to scurvy, "the disease caused by lack of green food" and said "the removal of this perversion of nutrition will so mitigate the virulence of this malady as positively to prevent the pitting or pocking of smallpox." (Immunization p54. Bacteria Inc by Cash Asher 1949)------Walene James:

"Perhaps the greatest evil of immunization lies in its diversion of public attention from true methods of disease prevention. It encourages public authorities to permit all kinds of sanitary defects and social problems to remain undressed, particularly in schools. It ignores the part played by food and sunlight and many other factors in the maintenance of health. It exaggerates the risk of diphtheria and works upon the fear of parents. The more it is supported by public authorities, the more will its dangers and disadvantages be concealed or denied." M. Meadow Bayly, M.R.C.S., 1944

"Not one case receiving homeopathic care died, while the "old school" doctors lost twenty percent of their (smallpox) cases.....I gave about three hundred internal vaccinations, five to adults acting as practical nurses; to the man who installed the telephone and lights in the pest-house; to mothers who slept with their children while they had smallpox in its severest form. All of these people, exposed daily, were immune."--W. L. Bonnell, MD

To test the effectiveness of natural immunity versus vaccination, the nonvaccinated Kingston Clinic staff challenged six vaccinated doctors to join them, in 1936, in a smallpox isolation unit. The doctors had the very good sense not to accept the offer.

"Smallpox is considered one of the most virulent of contagious diseases, and it is generally believed that persons exposed are almost invariably attacked, unless protected by vaccination. This is one of the most stupendous exaggerations to be found in medical literature. My experience has been that very few people take it when exposed to it."--John Tilden MD

"Dr. Bridges, in his Report, observes that "of 796 visitors who paid 1118 visits, only 3 were afterwards admitted into the hospital with small-pox." Mr. Sweeting, of the Fulham Hospital, writes :—" 33 patients were visited by 48 persons, who made altogether 76 visits; only one of the visitors was afterwards admitted with small-pox." ...Dr. Bernard, of the Stockwell Hospital, writes :—" 1056 visits were paid into the wards of the hospital. It is interesting to be able to say that, as far as I have heard, no one caught small-pox thereby;"---The Fable of the Smallpox Nurses and Revaccination

"As a matter of fact, perhaps it is safe to say that not more than 10 per cent of the people ever would take smallpox if sleeping in the same bed with an infected smallpox victim."--Dr Hay

"Both Press and Radio continue to preach that smallpox is a terribly infectious and deadly scourge. They never tell us that " - . - provided no mischief be done either by physician or nurse, it is the most safe and slight of all diseases". (Dr. Thomas Sydenham, 1688).--Lionel Dole

"For years Dr. Matthew J. Rodermund, MD of Wisconsin, USA, offered $10,000 to anyone who could prove scientifically that smallpox is contagious. Nobody ever claimed the money. Dr Charles A.A. Campbell, MD of San Antonio, USA, who was for years in charge of an isolation hospital made exhaustive experiments in order to demonstrate that smallpox is contagious, but found that this is not the case."--Keki Sidhwa ND

"Dr Rodermund, a physician in the state of Wisconscin, created a sensation by smearing his body with the exudate of smallpox sores in order to demonstrate to his medical colleagues that a healthy body could not be infected with the disease. He was arrested and quaratined in jail, but not before he had come into contact with many people. Not a single case of smallpox developed through this "exposure"....I have ...handled intimately thousands of cases of contagious diseases, and I do not remember a single instance where any of us was the least affected by such contact."---Henry Lindlahr MD (Philosophy of Natural Therapeutics p 39).

An Obstinate Baby---At a public meeting held in the Town Hall, Derby, March 2, 1871, a working man caused much amusement by asking Dr Greaves how it was that when four out five of his children were down with smallpox, the fifth, unvaccinated, would not take the disease, although placed between two of the others in bed.

"In a recent number of the Leicester Free Press, it is said :—" So far as we are concerned in Leicester, a town containing 120,000 inhabitants, with many thousands of unvaccinated children, smallpox seems to be about the least dangerous of all diseases, and is not to be named by the side of scarlet fever, measles, whooping cough, diarrhoea, or even consumption. If a case of small-pox is discovered, instant isolation is adopted, and during the last five years we have hardly had five deaths. That being the state of the case, one need not wonder that the fear of the disease should disappear, or that resistance to vaccination should increase."--William Tebb 1881

"Dr. Russell T. Trall, the eminent Natural Hygienist, considered smallpox "as essentially . . . not a dangerous disease." He cared for large numbers of patients afflicted with smallpox and never lost a case. Under conventional medical treatment, patients were drugged heroically, bled profusely, were smothered in blankets, wallowed in dirty linen, were allowed no water, fresh air and stuffed with milk, brandy or wine. Antimony and Mercury were medicated in large doses. Physicians kept their patients bundled up warm in bed, with the room heated and doors and windows carefully closed, so that not a breath of fresh air could get in, and given freely large doses of drugs to induce sweating (Sudorifics), plus wine and aromatized liquors. Fever patients were put into vaporbath chambers in order to sweat the impurities out of the system. Given no water when they cried for it and when gasping for air were carried to a dry-hot room and after a while were returned to the steam torture. Many must have died of Heat Stroke!"--Dr Shelton DC

"During the Brighton smallpox outbreak (1950-51), the usual BBC encephalitis campaign opened with an anonymous doctor assuring the world, with authoritative emphasis, that "smallpox is the most infectious disease known to Man"! The BBC had evidently never heard of influenza. During the smallpox outbreak of 1961-2, on the other hand, we heard medical officers of health saying on the radio such things as, "After all, smallpox is not such a very infectious disease." This would have been held to be pure blasphemy only a few years ago. May the good work go on!"--Lionel Dole

-- neil (, October 29, 2001


Thats just fine Neil. When or if smallpox breaks out I will be first in line for my shot.

-- Martin Thompson (, October 29, 2001.

Neil, you're a paranoid idiot. And all the doctors that you parade before us with their "evidence" supporting your argument are the pied- pipers of quackery leading folks like you along and selling many books along the way. If there was a vacination station where I could get the small-pox shot today, I would be first in line.

Now, where do I go to get my "spelling vacine?"

-- ham (, October 29, 2001.

Actually smallpox is caused by touching a toad which has been molested by a black cat (but only under a new moon, and if it is a stormy night). Otherwise, just warts develop.

I'll keep searching for the article where I read these facts.

-- PHO (, October 29, 2001.

Neil, if it’s any help...

The information you posted here is not factual. The Smallpox vaccine consists of a related virus called vaccinia. This vaccinia virus is attenuated to make it less active before being scratched on the arm or hip of the person teo be vaccinated. The common name for vaccinia is CowPox, a disease which is present endemically in most cows. It was noticed many years ago that milkmaids never seemed to catch smallpox thus never ended up with the grotesque pockmarked skin which survivors of smallpox always had - thus the expression “complexion like a milkmaid” or “skin like a milkmaid”. I believe it was Jenner who observed this and was instrumental in developing the cure for this ghastly disease in 1796.

As a microbiologist, myself, I understand the mechanism, biochemistry and logic of how this vaccine works, and I must admit I am astounded by the absolute crap that appears on the internet by revisionist quacks who have not even bothered to speak with their own grandparents or great grandparents about how many of their children, siblings and other relatives died each year from what are now considered trivial diseases.


-- Wally (, October 29, 2001.

Don't know anything about the article except that all my 5 kids were vacinated against small pox, including my husband & I and other family members..... NOT one of us had any problems or symptoms at all. If I could get all 20 of my grandchildren innoculated I WOULD without a hesitation. The statistics of those who will die without being innoculated is too great to my way of thinking.

-- sandra a harris (, October 29, 2001.

This information was posted to rehabilitate some lost perspectives, and to counteract the fearmongering in the media about smallpox. I did not post to discourage anyone from getting vaccinated, if they think that is the right approach.

In today's propaganda environment, _everyone_ to research the history of smallpox and smallpox vaccination aggressively before believing anything said in today's newspapers (or on this board) about the disease.

Few people seem to understand that most of allopathic medicine is about MONEY, not health. Vaccines represent big bucks. Many researchers have demonstrated the worthlessness of vaccines and the inevitable diseases _caused_ by widespread vaccination programs. In homeopathic medicine vaccines are considered a trauma that must be healed in order to regain full health.

Those who have deprecated this information-- and me for merely posting it-- especially by using the term "quack" as a blanket description of everyone mentioned, reveal only their own ignorance. Dr. Campbell, for example, was a pre-WWII doctor with extensive clinical experience. Far from a "quack", he was in fact considered a brilliant doctor and researcher in his day.

By the way, Martin, I was vaccinated against smallpox as a child but will refuse any efforts to vaccinate me again.

-- neil (, October 29, 2001.

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