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Yesteday I got home a little early from work and my wife had the Rosie O'Donnel show on . I never really watch her show . I do remember , that B/4 the election there was some hoopla over a comment she made that was considered anti-bush ! Well listen to what I heard her say yesterday " I use to be a liberal , left winger however if they even think someone is a terrorist they should lock them up for as long as they want to, if that makes me a conservative right winger then I guess thats what Iam" Hey Rosie that statement is very scary to me . I always thought due process was one of the things that made this country great ! The thought that they can lock anyone up because they think someone is something is very scary. You better watch out they might come for you ? Are you just playing to the crowd , like everyone else in the media( Since your comment , brought you a big applause. ) Or are you hoping for a interveiw with bush (fat chance) When are the American people going to open there eyes and look at the fact that the more our rights are taken away by the terrorist , the more they win!

-- Nick Ritchie (, October 30, 2001


Republicans are giving terrorists help to destroy America


Real AMERICAN patriotism is to defend the Constitution and the Bill of rights. Traitors always hug the flag and pound the bible while selling our freedom and our rights to the highest bidder. The GOP has become the party of Greed-Oppression-Pollution. THEY ARE TRAITORS! Let us defeat them in 2002 and 2004 ... it may be our last chance. The mass press is corrupt and sold out. Get your news on the net and PLEASE-PLEASE spread the word.

-- Aldo Vidali (, November 01, 2001.

Mass Media

Aldo, You are 100% correct about the mass media sell out ! I do not even waste my time watching the news on TV or listening to it on the radio. There lack of checking out the information they are supplied by the goverment is to obvious for me . I do exactly what you suggested , look on the net for more reliable info. From sources that dont have the conflicts of interest the mass media has . Thanks Nick

-- Nick Ritchie (, November 02, 2001.

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