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Who would I talk to or where would I go to inquire about joining the union, I have 14 years expeirence in residential and commercial installations with ceramic and natural stone, with some foreman exp. also. I have set up jobs and have coordinated work schedules for companies also. I am just sick of the lack of loyalty to the employees that is out there, and that most of the employers just want you to train their lesser employees how to perform the trade properly and then want to get rid of you. Had the opportunity to join the union 10 years ago and didnt grab at the chance and I know now it was a big mistake. Can you help, I know I could be a quality asset to a company. Thank you

-- Rene Howard (, November 01, 2001


Your letter reads like you would be an asset to a company and a union! There is no good substitute for your hard won experience. Clearly you pass the litmus test for experience and grace under pressure. I suggest you look in the yellow pages under the heading 'Labor Organizations' and let your fingers do the walking. If you don't find local listings go to your public library and get the phone book(s) for the nearest large city. As an internet advisor I have no way to tell where you are located so give generic advice on locating a union which should work anywhere. Savvy internet users can use search engines to locate organizations in their area too. Good luck! - regards, Rocky

-- John Rockefeller (, November 01, 2001.

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