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I have an Ati Radeon 8500 and adobe Premiere 5.1 and i couldn´t have make premiere recognize the device. That card is not certified by Premiere but the still say that it may work. Do i have to download any Controler or sofware, plug-in? Thank you

-- Juan Carlos Mendoza (, November 01, 2001


Is this a firewire or analog card?

-- DV500 User (, November 03, 2001.

I am assuming that u are using the ALL-IN-WONDER® RADEON™ 8500DV. I dont think the other 8500 model has dv capture.

The ALL-IN-WONDER® RADEON™ 8500DV would come with its own driver for firewire (IEEE1394). What u got to do is install the Microsoft DV driver. (Install Directx 8 and DirectX DV). You would also find more info on (

If u are not using the ALL-IN-WONDER® RADEON™ 8500DV, and if it has a composite video in (anolog), then use the app along with the ATI software to capture video and save it to a file and import the file into Premier.

Your problem may lie in the fact that u might not have istalled the drivers of your card properly.

Hope this helps.


-- nachiket desai (, November 05, 2001.

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