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-- Anonymous, November 01, 2001


Freeman Oct.31

"Legal loss could be a victory for Onteora" Kemble

WEST HURLEY - Members of the Onteora school board are trying to figure out whether it would be better to have the state Education Department overturn the board's decision to lease two modular units for $44,000 per year for three years or lose the case and possibility get free use of the space. The case, brought by district residents Samuel Mercer, Gerald Ricci and Dr. William Maliha, was reviewed Monday during a school board meeting, when officials said payments will be sent to the state Department of Taxation and Finance as part of liens against the owners if the board decision is upheld, but no payments will be made if the agreement is overturned.

Trustee Joseph Doan said the tax case prevents the modulars from being taken away during the final two years of the lease.

"It means that Mr. Erratt no longer has control over these assets," Doan said, referring to Robert Erratt, whose company, Associated Construction Concepts, provided the modular units being used at Bennett and Phoenicia elementary schools.

"We have a chance to save the district $88,000 in pending lease payments by having the commissioner of education rule against the district concerning the ... petition to annul the board resolution authorizing the execution of this lease," Doan said. "No more lease. No more payments."

Following a presentation to the board, school district attorney David Shaw said the modular units could be taken away by Erratt if the state Education Department overturns the board decision. He added the state Department of Taxation and Finance also could remove the units if the board decision is overturned, but he said that was unlikely.

"I don't think Taxation and Finance really wants those buildings," he said.

The units contain two classrooms each. The school board has been involved in arguments for several years over leasing the space instead of buying the modular buildings. Doan has contended the district previously paid $414,000 to lease the buildings, with an additional $132,000 paid under the new agreement.

"Why is it that I, a lay person, can pick up a law book and can read in plain English that we were breaking the law?" he said.


Tobe's online comment:

There are several problems with the Freeman article entitled Legal Loss Could Be A Victory for Onteora dated October 31. There are two separate petitions...the Errat lease issue is in the Ricci/Mercer petition. Doan's claim that Onteora should simply squat in the buildings is outrageous. Mr. Doan's a terrible role model when he tells district residents that if they think there's a tax problem with a property owner, they as rentors can simple take over the buildings for use at no cost. quickly would Mr. Doan have a Sheriff evict residents of one of his buildings if they dared to stop rent payments because they perceived he had a tax problem, or was under a tax lien by the state? If we stop payments then the district would have a moral obligation to move out of the buildings, furthering the extreme space problems at the Bennett School. At the Onteora Board meeting reported on by Mr. Kemble, School Attorney David Shaw made it clear that we would not get free use of any buildings just because the owner has a tax problem with the state. Mr. Doan's statements again mislead district residents as he has done so often in the past. Shame on him. Of course, let's not forget that Mr. Doan continues to work hard to stop the construction of needed space at Bennett, even as he misleads the public by stating he stopped his opposition when the board voted to place the referendum on the ballot. We remember that he placed signs throughout the district urging residents to vote against the building project. When residents approved the project, he immediately gave his surrogate, William Mehlia information and help in filing a petition to annul the vote. District residents who follow the proper FOIL application process are outraged that Mr. Doan uses his Trustee position to undercut the proper procedures and to hand over district files to his "friends" to be used against the best interests of the district. Tobe Carey Glenford

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2001

Not school politics, but sleazy local politician scandal that you MUST read: Stephen Klein scandal" Talk about soap opera...

-- Anonymous, November 02, 2001 17&PAG=461&rfi=9

This will take you to the Freeman article about trying to oust Hal R.

It was a hot meeting...Jim Spoke...Doan attacked I spoke, Doan attacked... Meg spoke, Doan attacked... Marino spoke, Doan attacked.... Notes of interest: Doan has a secret nurse he wants to bring before the board to explain why condoms don't block 23 (?) STDs...wouldn't reveal her name.

Church-lady spoke and Doan and Rosey nodded and flashed high fives with their eyes. She is behind the new condom push...good student and parent support for the Safe or Sorry program as well as the special ed summer program...

Robin Sears was outraged and showed her displeasure at being kept out of tyhe loop about this secret nurse they're planning to bring in...

Anything else I missed? Jim?

PS in good news, Meg mentioned that Bennett parents have told her that they have a group of 12-15 parents ready to get a latch key program established...Perhaps they should start contacting the YMCA and get pieces in place to use the building and keep the idea of an outside provider for this alive and thriving....Go Pat!

seven months and counting... Will we be changing BBs service? Can we bring in more interested SOSers on the new board....seems appropriate that all the old files will disappear and we'll start the new campaign season fresh and clean.

Any inside word on CARE or their political manueverings?

-- Anonymous, November 06, 2001

We may as well keep this board going as long as it keeps on going, I still prefer its interface to any other the others I'm on. Haven't heard any more rumors.

Hot link to the Kemble article from Nov.6, and the text in case it disappears:

"Board Mulls Rowe Buy-out"

BOICEVILLE - Onteora school board members agreed by a 4-3 vote Monday to consider a possible buyout of the two years remaining on Superintendent Hal Rowe's contract. Trustees Martin Millman, Joseph Doan, Rose Ostrander, and Gregory Walters voted in favor, with Meg Carey, Thomas Rosato, and Marino D'Orazio opposed. Those seeking to buy out the contract declined to comment on their motives, but recently concluded an administrative probe that determined only that the district's surplus fund balance exceeded the 2 percent limit recommended by the state.

Rowe, hired in July 1993, is in the second year of a two-year contract that pays him $123,865 annually. He was hired after serving as superintendent in a Connecticut school district.

Strong support for Rowe came from the board minority and about 25 people in the audience, who applauded after Doan was taken to task for continuing his efforts to oust Rowe.

"This is a very, very divisive and dangerous path that the school board will take," D'Orazio said. "We've heard in the past a number of accusations. We heard the word 'dismissal,' we've heard the word 'indictment,' we've heard the word 'mismanagement,' we've heard 'fraud,' we've heard 'deceit,' and ... now what we're hearing is let's have some negotiations to see if we can spend a whole bunch of money to have the superintendent leave early."

Carey said the friction caused by Doan while seeking to undermine administrators has overshadowed what Rowe has done to improve district educational standards.

"I feel that this school district has been privileged to have the leadership of our superintendent," she said. "I have been very pleased at what has happened in this district as a result of shared decision making that was embraced early on in our superintendent's tenure here."

Walters said the board's minority was overreacting to the resolution.

"This motion authorizes our attorney to negotiate," Walters said. "It doesn't authorize him to sign a contract or to spend $300,000 to $500,000."

Prior to the meeting, Rowe acknowledged the resolution was part of the ongoing effort to discredit him.

"Since they could find no other reasons to have me dismissed I can only conclude there must be someone who just doesn't like me very much," he said.

-- Anonymous, November 06, 2001

well . was I surprised? yes. Why did they need to vote but "decline to comment" on substance of " charges "? When did this get inserted into agenda? I promise I am waiting for the tape.I'm shocked all 4 of 'em voted for this. And what is THIS ? Authorization for Shaw to Negotiate? Really? What would Hal's incentive to negotiate at all be? Is he required to?......Isn't it true that we now are over 2% fund balance and thus "illegal" ? Is it possible JD sees maintaining an illegal fund balance supplies a charge against Hal ? Perhaps this will be the final blow for Mr. Doan. I deeply suspect he has a sneak attack planned ,tho.what a stupid pointless mess.Christians and Patriots . God save us all.

-- Anonymous, November 06, 2001

Tobe, You missed a few details. One was that several people, myself included, left the meeting in apparent disgust with the vote to buy out Hal. And also my comment, which I hope is heard on the tape, after Rose voted "yes", I called out "Well, that's what they appointed you to do".

Marino and Meg made wonderfully passionate and eloquent speeches in defense of Hal and it was truly disgusting, shameless and insulting to the public that no one on the other side would comment as to the reasoning of their vote. it was a new low in my opinion and a good excuse to walk out.

-- Anonymous, November 06, 2001

Interesting idea on behavior modification from another bulletin board. Wonder if there are enough of us at meetings to make it work?

"B-mod programs are so much fun. When I was in grad school (Counseling), we had a professor who was such a total prick. He treated all the women in the class badly and frequently made demeaning or inappropriate statements to women. He was known never to give women students an "A" when they were deserving of it. This man had been complained about and had gone through every corrective action procedure for such offenses possible. Well when we signed up, little did he know that he had just gotten the class from hell. We put him on a b-mod program and everytime he would make a blatantly inappropriate remark in class, we would all turn to look at the opposite side of the front of the room from where he was standing. It was funny at first, because he would hussle his little hiney over to insert himself into our field of vision, and we would then switch our view back to where he had been previously standing. After a couple of weeks of that treatment, some of that behavior was extinguished and he began to actually teach instead of editorialize. I'm sure he was clueless as to what was happening to him, but it was so funny. A couple of us finally made history by getting A-s from this course. Never underestimate a good b-mod program."

One word that Ms. Rainwater-Ostrander might be wincing about at this point would be her use of "obsolete" to refer to the flag salute measures that she had to withdraw due to their illegality. Should this be used more often in public address, when it is strategically appropriate?

CARE is still on the June web page.

-- Anonymous, November 07, 2001

I like it a lot...we can sing "Look Away, Look Away, Look Away, Onteora!"

It's always in fashion to talk about "Rosey."

Liked the kewmble article on the move to buy out...

Brian hollander tells me he's got an editorial planned for this week...stay tuned..Woodstock Times...

I am still accepting people who want to watch any tapes of meeting...and log the goos stuff.

Just as important - I could use ANY DATES of meetings in which you recall good stuff ands school is helpful...I can't remember them all anymore..


-- Anonymous, November 07, 2001

Remember you can plunder the STAND archives as well, although a lot of the links to Onteora articles would be dead, as I wasn't always including the actual text back then (and the articles saved would have been primarily mascot-related).

-- Anonymous, November 07, 2001

i,ve pretty much been thru thre Stand archives re JD , to not much avail. Seems like the approved minutes is a good starting place.Could somebody just tell me what the vote authorized? So far this remains unrevealed. Huge democratic win in Shandaken last night . Shocking new world.

-- Anonymous, November 07, 2001

Do you mean the vote to authorize Shaw to contact Hal's attorney to offer a buy-out? If so, that's exactly what it was...a start at trying to buy Hal out...We think (and hope) Hal wouldn't leave unless he got FULL payment and all that's due him for the remainder of his contract period and a stop to maligning him in publice and private. But hopefully they won't be able to make him leave at all...if so they'll cost the district big bucks...

Hal does not have to accept anything...if he refuses to go along with their game, will they try to bring charges???


-- Anonymous, November 07, 2001

Hey good news from the the west... I met the Shandaken group several times in the Boiceville Inn when having meetings with the Parete/Kraft group. Good wins locally although it would have been nice to unseat Ward Todd. Too bad NYC went the way it did.

Maureen, the motion that passed was to authorize the board's attorney (Shaw) to negociate with Hal Rowes attorney to find a way to terminate his contract with the district. Buy him out. I'm hoping Hal will have a good time seeking his revenge while maintaining his dignity and resolve.

-- Anonymous, November 07, 2001

Hi all: You realize Todd was not selected in shandaken. he successfully changed the boundry lines where voters are enrolled so shandaken didn't affect his win. what does that say..your own town doesn't want you. Shift in winds in Shandaken very wonderful! The town folks really don't trust Gitter...whether your republican, democrat or other. Here's a cute one: Phoenicia teacher engaged in conversation with Doan and Milman at school board break. They asked her what Phoenicia staff really thought of halloween parade & stella. she told the truth that staff supported her and we all agreed the change was necessary. Then Doan reached over, brushed her shoulder saying "what's that white power? Anthrax?" she was mortified. Is that horrifying or what!

-- Anonymous, November 09, 2001

Another mention...Rose Ostrander is visiting all the elementary schools. I spoke to Linda Stella and she said Rose was coming today, friday nov. 9, to Phoenicia at 10:00. Linda mentioned there was an assembly would she like to come at a different time, but that didn't matter to Rose. she's coming anyway. I have no idea what she'll accomplish witnessing 300 kids sitting in the dark in a cafetorium watching a puppet show.

-- Anonymous, November 09, 2001

What Rose will accomplish is to say she visited all the schools (all the trustees were invited to visit them all) I know Meg has gone to some already... Rose will trumpet this as she prepares to run again.

See the CARE newsletter for a puff piece on was mailed to all postal patrons...Check out the (none (sic) profit stamp used... Also see the slight on teachers and vacation time and on stipends...anyone able to get this noticed by the teachers who are active in protecting their affairs?

Maybe one or more would write a response to CARE and publish it throughout the district as a letter to editor, etc. re: Doan's anthrax "joke"...can the let everyone know that he said it? Tobe

-- Anonymous, November 09, 2001

Any chance of a November meeting? Tobe

-- Anonymous, November 09, 2001

Suki told me about yesterday's anti-smoking puppet show, which came to Bennett too. She says that at the end of the show, Laurie Cassel thanked the puppeteers, and asked one if he smoked. He must have been caught off guard, because he admitted he did. But then he said he didn't want to lie to a principal, and she commended him for his honesty.

-- Anonymous, November 10, 2001

the CARE newsletter is out and around...a few notes...they mailed it under a "none profit" (sic) stamp...they are incorporated...anyone know about their actual tax status? Are donation now tax deductible? Long editorial about how wonderful Rose is and her many accomplishments....hold your breath as you read.

Notes of interest...pass these on to your favorite teachers/staff...

On page three of their newsletter under the headline "Stipends big ticket item"...Stipends in the Onteora School District are a big-ticket item in the schools (sic) budget. In the 1999/2000 school year trustees approved payments of $262,899.50 to various teachers, coaches and instructors. Some folks made a lot of extra money. That kind of spending ought to ring bells and blow loud whistles in the next contract process.'

and in their "Quotes" section:

"Vacation is a time when parents realize that teachers are grossly overpaid."

Hey, I didn't make them up...just reporting them.

Six months and counting! Where are those Dump Doan signs, anyway? Tobe

-- Anonymous, November 12, 2001

Anyone go to the Nov 8th CARE meeting? Huh? Tobe

-- Anonymous, November 12, 2001

Whoa, that vacation item is a gem. Let us not let them forget that, a little closer to the election. I think this "non-profit" needs to be nailed to the wall this year in terms of adherence to election laws. They must not get away with any of their dirty tricks.

-- Anonymous, November 13, 2001

On the not for profit front...I have someone checking into it. Yes, teachers and staff need to be remind over and over of the anti-teacher attituides so obvious in this so-called community group. Tobe

-- Anonymous, November 13, 2001

Rhinebeck board has just unanimously agreed to keep their Indian mascots but alter any depictions to show an Eastern Woodland motif.

Nov.15 Freeman

-- Anonymous, November 15, 2001

I understand that the Onteora Teachers Association (OTA) is planning to attend, en masse,the BOE meeting on Monday night, Nov. 19th, to demonstrate their support for Hal Rowe. It may be a good time to spread the word that we need as many people to attend to show community support for Hal as well. Please spread the word and let's get people out. We need all the support we can garner at this late date.

It would also be great to respond in the newspapers with letters to the editor in support of Hal. I would like to respond to the comments by Greg Walters in the Woodstock Times but I am not certain I want to alienate Greg any further since he is the "swing" vote.

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2001

Here's one email we received today...people i spoke to are pissed...See you Monaday at the high school. Tobe

Subject: Hal Rowe and the Onteora School Board Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 17:58:19 EST From: To:

Dear Friend,

I feel dismay and embarrassment to see how the local school board in Onteora has been acting the past few years. The majority (4 vs 3) have a deep misunderstanding of their role and are misusing their authority with harmful consequences for our community.

I urge any taxpayer in this district who cares about education to read Susan Goldman's letter on the latest fiasco, reprinted from this week's Woodstock Times, and attend the School Board Meeting next Monday in Boiceville to express their opinion or write to the Onteora School Board, Route 28, Boiceville, NY 12412.

Hal Rowe is an absolute gem of a person and deserves a much better School Board. My suggested slogans are "Buy out the Board" and "Rowe, Rowe, Rowe your Boat" and "Go to Hal"!

Sincerely, Julian Lines Mount Tremper PS Feel free to forward this email or call and encourage friends to attend as well.

Nov. 12, 2001

To the Editor

I am both astounded and outraged after reading your article about the current Onteora Board's moves to oust Hal Rowe. I, like others, have watched this effort build, but somehow I couldn't believe it would truly gain feet. Hal Rowe is a distinguished superintendent, one who is both an educational leader and a first class human being. Hal is principled, thoughtful, and compassionate.

During his tenure and because of his leadership, the educational environment at Onteora has improved tremendously: computerization and computer access; multi-grade elementary school classrooms; expanded Enrichment programs; expanded health education; career mentoring; all day Kindergarten; and shared decision making, greatly increasing the participation by parents, students and staff in the governance of the district.

There is still much room for improvement but that does not seem to be the concern of those trying to oust Rowe. It isn't his educational vision they dislike. This group has been making veiled threats about wrong doing for two years, but when their legal "investigation" was completed, it showed nothing. That's why their tactic is to buy him out of his contract.

The thought that this school board would continue to spend time and money, lots of money, to pursue this man is an outrage. And why? Because.... they don't like him? There is every indication that the school board's leadership is dangerously out of control and pursuing a personal vendetta against the Superintendent. They operate behind closed doors and authorize legal activity without board sanction. They have violated critical rules regarding Open Meetings and public agenda setting. We have yet to hear one claim that Hal Rowe, or his administration, have done ANYTHING wrong.

Buying out Rowe's contract before its end will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Finding a new Superintendent will cost a bundle and his or her salary will be even higher than Rowe's. We would be working under "interim" leadership for months, also costly, and the district will stand still, waiting for new leadership. If you have EVER wondered whether it would be worth the effort to attend a school board meeting, I urge you to do so NOW! The next meeting is November 19 at the High School at 7PM. Sign up to speak or just show your support by being there. If you can't show up, then please take the time to write to the Board. Show Hal Rowe your support and show this Board that they are out of line.

Susan Goldman Former Onteora School Board Trustee

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2001

Oh good, I wasn't the only person wondering if we could buy out the board members instead. This has potential.

-- Anonymous, November 17, 2001

Hey, by the way... I'm available for any buyout as well.

-- Anonymous, November 17, 2001

Phoenicia staff is organized and ready to speak tonight. OTA is not happy...especially who might replace Hal. See you there.

-- Anonymous, November 19, 2001

Methinks we have them on the run.

-- Anonymous, November 19, 2001

What a great show of support for Hal last night!

Of course, they didn't get it.....and their vote on Tom's resolution was the same old crap

I think that we can make an great documentary based only on Joe Doan's long winded fantasy on Hal: "The Mind of Joe Doan", taking apart what he said item by item and showing it for the half truths, outright lies, insinuations, and just plain nastyness that it was. I mean, Hal Rowe destroyed 2 families????!!! (he also caused the terrorist attacks, the recession, and the Yankees losing the world series.....right?)

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2001

What amazed me was how brutally honest people were. Such an intense outpouring of feeling. And really, how for all the comparison to the Indian meetings, there was such broad consensus of agreement from the community members there, and virtually no heckling (except for Maureen, and you kept to the point).

Daily Freeman Nov. 20 Kemble article

BOICEVILLE - Superintendent Hal Rowe drew support from a packed audience at the Onteora school board meeting Monday, as majority trustees were called an "embarrassment and danger" for repeated attempts to oust him. About 155 people attended the session meeting and about 15 speakers asked to board to end efforts to oust Rowe. One resident asked that negotiations continue. Student Affairs Council President Ava Eisenson said Rowe has worked improve education and has fostered student participation in district decisions.

Rowe, hired in July 1993, is in the second year of a four-year contract that pays $123,865 annually. Vincent Bruck, the assistant high school principal and president of the Onteora Administrators Association, also provided a glowing review of Rowe's work.

"Dr. Rowe is a visionary leader who has given us the professional autonomy and latitude to implement innovative programs," Bruck said.

The board, however, voted 4-3 to continue negotiations. Trustees Martin Millman, Joseph Doan, Rose Ostrander, and Gregory Walters in favor while Meg Carey, Thomas Rosato, and Marino D'Orazio were opposed.

District resident Susan Goldman called the board majority "an embarrassment and danger."

Doan recited his ongoing claim that the administration has a history of "illegal" and "bogus" activity. He also said support should not be given to Phoenicia school Principal Randy Collins, who is on a leave of absence, and Beth Lipton, a former consultant for the district, who he said have carried on an affair while married to other people. "This has gone on under the watchful eye of Hal Rowe," he said.

Collins and Lipton have both declined to discuss Doan's comments.

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2001

I don't recall the figures and documentation that well at this point, but is the total of actual, real registered Onteora voters vs the signatories on those "dump Roe" petitions Marty mentioned last night worth bringing up in public in this context?

Did I put down the right employee number for Hal in my notes last night -- 110501?

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2001

No 11-05-01 was the date they went public. Not sure who was responsible for that cleverness.

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2001

two things: I think it's critical that we outdo ourselves for the next meeting Dec 3rd...we need to step UP the pressure....not back off...Chances are we can't get the teachersand staff to return en masse (although we MUST ask and urge them to...) and we can surely get a lot of community people out...come on...

More great public be heard.

Time for good letters to the editor...themes remain secrecy of the board...lack of trust fostered by their actions...half-truths and smears...

I'd like to see us begin to be more active recruiting specifically for SOS...can we get more folks on this forum?

How about Frank Engle, S Goldman, Laurel Herdman? others who were elequent...and if not on the bulletin-board right away, how about another meeting...rev it up...perhaps early January? Stress uregncy and ongoing nature of the battle...(sounds eerily familiar) If we hold a public meeting it can serve as a recruitment tool...with a program of some sort that we could present?

Woodstock Community Center?

thoughts anyone? Tobe

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2001

next meeting

I think that an open meeting, if we have one, should probably be held in Olive, at the town hall. There are lots of votes for us in Olive. Some of them never get up to Woodstock. And I think it would be a good to get away from woodstock as the tail that wags the dog

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2001

Yes, a meeting, and Olive Town Hall sounds real good. Probably after the holidays, though, no?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2001

Information trickling in about the mystery nurse...revealed (finally) by Doan to be Pat's the web site where she is found. Note there is no mention of " church or ministry" activities in Doan's mnention of the nurse...or on this site, but if you dig into the Care Net affiliation (at the bottom of the page) you'll find the religious right connection loud and clear.

Check out their pages on "becoming a partner pledge" or becoming a caring partner as well as what's for sale in their book store...Doan's clearly fronting for the church on this one. Wonder if JD has counselde his children against using condoms and if they are viriginal and abstinent because of the threat of stds with condom use??? How about Joe...any sex life there?


-- Anonymous, November 21, 2001

One more thing...I have been told that the Doan Scholarship fund is having it's annual dance party this Saturday at the West Hurley Fire House...Anyone able to "drop by" and grab a flyer, or info? I will be away, and i'm probably not the best one to go there (he he he...) I would like the info for my file... Thanks, Tobe PS Happy Thanksgiving...time to relax and recharge..

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2001

Hi...I know a couple going to Doan's fundraiser dance. I'll ask them to get all literature available, Toby. Happy Thanksgiving all!

-- Anonymous, November 22, 2001

Here's the the website where Pat Tiernan, Doan's Mystery Nurse is to be found. Click under her name to find some of the details on the True Freedom (yes, you can still have secondary virginity, honey) program she is in charge of. Wasn't able to find much else about that program on the web, other than one site saying it is about "re-thinking feminism and abortion," but the articles are not up.

I'll email Robin Sears to see if she has a list of websites that the Onteora health staff support, especially those which may have information that specifically counters Right-to-Life charges.

Daily Freeman article

"School district hoping it can refinance debt" Kemble BOICEVILLE - School officials are looking at ways that district debt can be refinanced while interest rates are low and before worsening state economic conditions become a drain on the local budget. District bonds were discussed during a Board of Education meeting Monday, when Business Manager Chuck Snyder said preliminary reviews have not been encouraging but an analysis is being conducted to determine whether old loans can be paid under recently adopted state legislation.

"The governor has put through new building aid legislation which unfortunately overall is not favorable to districts in relation to several different kinds of building aid," he said. "One of the things they did put in was the ability to go back and possibly refinance old debt."

Detailed information on the outstanding bonds was not immediately available.

"We have $4 million of existing debt from the early 1990-91 period," he said. "The original response back then was that it may not be possible (to refinance) because those bonds clearly ... are not callable."

Snyder said the legislation required a special workshop because the formulas used in determining which loans can be refinanced are complicated.

"Districts are going to have to be bound by a state (Education Department) amortization schedule ... on the amount of debt that they approve," he said.

"It's going to take some financial analysis to see whether it's in the district's interest," Snyder said. "If it would have been a straight refinancing it wouldn't be an issue. We have $4 million worth of debt at six-and-a-half percent (and) we could probably go down on the street and refinance it for four percent."

-- Anonymous, November 23, 2001

If you go to the web site as Carol suggested, click on the CARE-NET logo at the bottom, and it'll take you to the coalition that her group is a part of...on that site, you'll see that the CARE-NET has a sponsors' and member's pledge page or two...Their true mission statement is on these pages. Makes inteersting reading. Tobe

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2001

Boy, sure is hard to criticize a person's actions when that person is named Doan. As usual, he obfuscates and tells half the truth...then attacks the person who dares to criticize what he not..the truth will out...

Just in case you're wondering...remember it was successive BOEs and legal counsel that OKed the Erratt leases...and this only after it was clear the community did not want to redistrict. Recall that two different plans were floated - the first to redraw the lines so many Bennett students would go to West Hurley and Woodstock; the second would have established a K-2 school at Woodstock and a grades 3-6 school at West Hurley to serve the eastern part of the district and a similar plan for Phoenicia and Bennett in the western part of the district...both of these plans were vehemently opposed by parents, so nothing was done. That meant Bennett's and Phoenicia's space needs still existed, and, of course, the leases were always meant to be only until the Board offered and the community OKed a permanent solution...Talk of spending money on a capital campaign was met with stiff opposition for about ten years (fear of spending money) no plan was offered. That meant there was never much choice but to keep the lease going to meet the space needs of the Bennett and Phoenicia communities...until a permanent solution was found for Bennett...finally last year the board bit the bullet and offered a building plan, which Doan promptly worked against. I guess he wants redistricting at all costs, but won't say it out loud.

just a bit of history...

Tobe PS In case you're wondering about my employment history, I was hired to do video for training sessions as part of a federal grant several years ago. It is true that at that time I had a business partnership with trustee Bob Barrett, called People on Board, which unfortunately never made me any money...(sob, sob) and as a company never did any work in the district. I was, however, hired as an individual independent provider, and it was all checked out (at my request) by the board's attorney and the counsel for the Commissioner for any conflict of interest. We were told that there was none, that since the business Barrett and I were in together was not part of any dealings with the district, and since the partnership did not profit from my contract and since Bob Barrett never received a dime (in fact he donated about $50,000 worth of time and training) that everything was cool. Sorry Doan doesn't like it that I was paid for doing work for the district...but as his investigation showed there was nothing irregular about it...he has, of course, never revealed that he had me (and Meg) and many others investigated (are YOU on the list??) and even brought his allegations to the Ulster County District Attorney who told him to take a hike. Tom R. can fill in details of the investigation, since he was part of it until he learned that Doan wouldn't stop even though nothing was found to pursue.

I have no intention of bringing this into the public sphere unless it can be used to help defeat Doan...just thought it would be useful for us friends here in the group to have all the information. Tobe

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2001

How long has Marty Millman been president of the Board?

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2001

Not sure, I'll have to ask Meg when she gets back...But it was when Sandi Truhe (Cassese) resigned...

Wonder if Melissa has any info to share from her friends who went to the Doan Dance...How many people came? How much was the "donation?" Was there any sighting of Frank Gorleski? Chuck Snyder? Anyone else of note? Were they able to get a flyer or two?? Or any info about the "fund itself?" Thanks in advance. Tobe

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2001

The Doan event, I am told, drew less people compared to past years. My friends did not see any leaflets. This is second hand, but it was mentioned that Doan's older son is not happy with his fathers actions on board. Interesting. I will ask who attended. Get back to ya on that.

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2001

I ran into Meg @ Stewarts,' she said he'd been pres for 3 years.

Can anyone tell me what the Onteora school colors are? I've seen red and white/ red and black/ and red, white and black. I was wondering if it would be useful to have some stickers or ribbons in support of Hal for the next board meeting.

-- Anonymous, November 27, 2001

Not sure wehat the colors are...maybe Frank Gorleski or the coaches would know...buttons, ribbons are a good idea. Cuirry's letter to the Freeman yesterday was a gem! Keep 'em coming.

The important thing to stress is the attitude and nastiness that Doan exhibits...Condom cop, indeed. T.

-- Anonymous, November 28, 2001

Anyone want to reprint Curry's letter to the editor?? Missed it. IS Curry lurking here on the BBS? Haven't heard from Zorro for a while. :-)

-- Anonymous, November 28, 2001

Sent copies to the Times and Journal also.... 11/21/01 Letter to the Editor Since you are known by both your friends and your enemies, Hal Rowe is certainly in great shape! The unholy alliance on the Onteora Board of Education failed to come up with a single thing to charge Hal with, despite spending thousands of our tax dollars on their special investigation. So now they want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy out his contract, just to fulfill their hateful personal agenda. And the reasons why? Anyone who heard Joe McCarthy Doan give his long winded explanation at the BOE meeting last Monday heard this logic: everything negative thing that occurred in the district during Hal Rowe's tenure, even personal things that had nothing at all to do with him, is his fault, and he must be blamed, scorned, defamed, and thrown away. Everything positive thing during this time, however, and this is the vast majority of the story, would have happened anyway! Hal had nothing to do with it. Joe Doan is a master at negative spin. He knows how to weave a plausible story from distortions, half truths, rumors, and lies. The frightening thing is that a (increasingly) small number of people believe him. Until the next BOE election, in May, we'll have to put up with the dysfunctional, angry, vindictive board majority. But the Onteora community has had enough of this craziness, and looks forward to the restoration of sanity, respect, and sound educational values on the board. Take heart, Hal. You won't have to wait long!

Curry Rinzler

-- Anonymous, November 29, 2001

It is worth noting that Care is back in updated web page (new president and all!!!!) with upcoming meetings and events. I sense they are scrambling but I may be just cautiously optimistic. Also to note - my hit was 285....we should watch how that develops. See y'all Monday.

-- Anonymous, November 30, 2001

Here's the sources we should all be looking into that provide some of the information and philosophies our district is basing its programs on. Emailed from Robin Sears, District Health Coordinator:

I would first direct you to our Surgeon General's web site:

siecus (sex information and education council of the US)

People for the American Way

National Center for Policiy Analysis

National Coalition Against Censorship (These have been turned into hot links in the December thread, but you may want to cut and paste these on this page into an email for any friends who would like a better idea of where the district policies are coming from. The more people we have educated about this, the better -- CM)

-- Anonymous, December 01, 2001

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