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My mother just handed me an old brownie--it was her mother's and may have been purchased in the late 20's or ealy 30s. I have the original box, manual and a roll of film. The camera is a green leather, Model Brownie 2, takes 120 film and everything is in pefect condition. The box is perfect, the manual has all the pages but the cover is separated from the rest of the book. Is this a rare find--or just a great looking item to keep on a book shelf?

-- Kevin Leibel (, November 05, 2001


Kevin, In the opinion of a lot of collectors, a green Brownie Model 2 is a fairly rare find, especially in working condition. Speaking personally, I would keep it and use it, if it had belonged to my grandmother. Run some 120 film thru it and see what happens. Check out my article on Chuck's home page - 'Beginner's Guide'.

Good luck and have fun!

-- Pete Lutz (, November 05, 2001.

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