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Davis Defends Bridge Warnings; Predicts Economic Slowdown

(KFWB) 11.07.01, 10:00a --

In an exclusive interview with KFWB's Ron Kilgore today, Governor Gray Davis defended his decision to warn Californians last week of a terrorist threat against four state bridges.

"I believe in treating Californians like adults," Davis said.

The FBI reported Tuesday that the information the warning was based on was not credible. But the governor told KFWB today that his information came from three sources, and he felt obligated to make sure that bridges were safe.

Davis said he learned of the threats last week from information provided by the FBI agent in charge of Sacramento, the FBI in Washington, and the Coast Guard.

The governor says even though the threat is not credible, it "makes sense at least for the foreseeable future" to keep in place the high security measures at four suspension bridges in the state -- including the Vincent Thomas bridge at the Port of Los Angeles.

Davis said the state's economy will go through "a very difficult period" in the next eight to 12 months. He attributes most of the economic slowdown to the terrorist attacks, and says the slowdown will not be as severe as in other states.

Southern California's economy will be particularly strong in the coming months, Davis said, helping to buoy the rest of the state.

"Our long-term fundamentals are very positive," Davis said.

-- PHO (, November 07, 2001

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