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LONDON [MENL] -- Arab insurgents have formed suicide squads to confront any British or U.S. ground attack in Afghanistan, a leading Arab daily reports.

The London-based A-Sharq Al Awsat said the Afghan ruling Taliban movement has sponsored Arab insurgents to organize suicide squads against British or U.S. troops moving toward Afghan cities. The newspaper said on Thursday that the suicide squads are being organized in the city of Peshwar near the Pakistani border.

Currently, the newspaper said, dozens of Arabs are training in bases of Saudi billionaire fugitive Osama Bin Laden. These bases are located around several Afghan cities -- such as Jalalabad and Kandahar -- and are producing suicide squads in preparation for the arrival of British and U.S. ground forces. These forces could arrive by the end of the month.

Bin Laden has employed so-called "Arab Afghans" in attacks against the West and Arab allies of the United States. The Arabs have also served as mercenaries of Taliban and scores are said to have been killed in the U.S.-led war. They include Egyptians, Jordanians, Palestinians and Yemenis.

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-- Robert Riggs (, November 08, 2001


Some articles I've read indicated the Afghans weren't too thrilled with the Arabs running the Taliban. So these guys want to commit suicide? Condition accepted. How many of those attackers will be Afghans, I wonder.

-- Margaret J (, November 09, 2001.

Good for them. As suicide squads they will become reckless and make themselves good targets.

-- Big Cheese (, November 09, 2001.

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