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Mark comments in a different question that this board looks boring. I hope that it will become more interesting as it fills with comments. Mark did you get cut off midway through comment was there a problem? let me know by replying to this thread

-- Anonymous, November 09, 2001


Come on Mark speak to us! If you consider it boring, what suggestions would you have to "spice it up"?

-- Anonymous, November 10, 2001

there is nothing wrong with the bullentin board, it serves its purpose. i just thought ncil's discussion page looked better, using colour for example. they also had a selection of faces and symbols to use with your comment, you could send a happy or angry face. lcil's bullentin board is a little bit technical to use. i don't know how the program you've used works and it may be very time consuming to do much more with it. perhaps when people use this you'll find it doesn't matter what it looks like as information is more important.

mark ch

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2001

It does look a bit technical. This however is not part of the LCIL website. I think as more space appears as more responses go in it should improve. Although the NCIL forum does look better there are some problems with it. In some browsers the text and background colours merge into each other so you can not see any text without switching your background colour off. Will keep looking at this however. :-)

-- Anonymous, November 22, 2001

It's great we have a site like this up and running!

I do agree with Mark though, - A possible future development could be along the lines of the Message Board from Wheelchairjunkie.com ('Juke-Joint' section).

First of all ... lets get more people here.


-- Anonymous, February 25, 2002

Calum I will have a look at the site you mention. I've posted some other comments in other parts of this discussion page.

-- Anonymous, February 25, 2002

I think it's great to have this forum page - and I like the homely feel - it's better to have a contrast from the formality of the rest of the web-site... It also means that the users can influence it's development, content and appearance - thus creating something more representative of our personalities. Thanks Katrina....

It would be good to have a background colour, and a bigger heading at the top of the page. Also, it would be good if the links etc. at the top could be moved, or put in a box, as they're a bit distracting and possibly unneccessary - e.g. "Moderator". Is it possible to change these things?

A snazzy name for this forum would be good - can we have a competition for a name for the forum... with a vote for the best name, a crate of champagne for the winning name, and bottles of champagne as consolation prizes to the losers, please ???? (teetotallers could be banned from entering to save any controversy over prizes) Kirsteen

-- Anonymous, May 18, 2003

I amhoping to improve the look and feel of the discussion board in discussion with various other changes we have to make to the site.

Thanks foir your comments I will get back to people when involved in the gritty reality of making the changes.

-- Anonymous, June 25, 2003

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