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where could i purchase ansel adams black & white reprints?...california based 'friends of photography' but no one is answering the phone or email...thanks, pat in plano, tx.

-- Pat Arnold (, November 09, 2001


Contact the Ansel Adams Gallery at Yosemite:

You can buy original, signed photos (very expensive), the special edition prints (actual photographic prints, unsigned and printed by one of his former students, relatively cheap), posters, etc.

-- Ron Gratz (, November 09, 2001.

Pat, Sorry to say that the 'Friends of Photogrpahy' had to close their doors last month. Your best bet is the AA Gallery, mentioned above, they have very nice selection of 'special' prints from original negatives, printed by Alan Ross at very good prices.

Good Luck

-- Mike Castles (, November 09, 2001.


I have an 8x10 print of Moon over Half Dome I purchased at the Gallery in Yosemitte in 1992. I have it framed and in a place of prominence in my office, BUT I am a wee bit disapointed.

I have an AA book -The Print-I think, that has this image on the cover and the shadow detail in the lower left is better on the cover of the book than in the silver, hand-made print!!!

I am sure there are variations in any hand process, and despite the minor complaint, I am glad I have it. I just checked the price and they offer about 18 different images for $150 US. A very good deal considereing the price of some other prints for collectors. A good deal of teh proceeds go to the various foundations for wildife & habitat preservation I am told.


-- RICHARD ILOMAKI (, November 11, 2001.

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