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Saudis fear region-wide uprisings during Ramadan and at Mecca

SPECIAL TO WORLD TRIBUNE.COM, Thursday November 8 2001

ABU DHABI Saudi Arabia has sounded the alarm over projections of massive Islamic unrest in the kingdom connected to the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan. Authorities fear a repeat of the 1979 Islamic takeover of the Grand Mosquei Mecca a development that rocked the kingdom for years. Arab diplomatic sources said Saudi Arabia has warned the U.S. and its allies of huge Islamic protests against the war throughout the Middle East and the Persian Gulf. The rallies could then sweep the Saudi kingdom, several of whose leading clerics have condemned the war.

The sources said Saudi officials and diplomats have sent messages to allies that the unrest could erupt when the Islamic fast month of Ramadan begins later this month, Middle East Newsline reported. Ramadan, which is set by the lunar calendar, is expected around Nov. 15. The unrest could reach its peak in the aftermath of Ramadan when millions of Muslims arrive in the Saudi city of Mecca for the annual Haj pilgrimage.

On Nov. 20, 1979, Mecca's Grand Mosque was taken over by Islamic insurgents led by Juhaiman Ibn Mohammed Ibn Saif Al Utaiba. Utaibi led about 300 armed men backed by elements within the National Guard in capturing the mosque and sealing it off to authorities. In a speech given to 50,000 worshippers in the mosque, Al Utaibi denounced the Saudi royal family as infidels and demanded an end to Westernization. The address sparked massive riots in Pakistan. Saudi troops took a week to retake the mosque. The move was followed by the execution of 63 Saudis suspected of participating in the uprising.

The message has been relayed to the United States through Pakistan, the sources said. Pakistan is regarded as one of Riyad's closest allies and both supported the Afghan ruling Taliban movement, now under U.S. attack.

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-- Robert Riggs (, November 09, 2001


Mazar-e-Sharif Goes Down! Goes down mo fos, GOES DOWN! The wave begins to roll! NO MERCY, NO MERCY! Give Taliban and terrorists a taste of their own medicine. It heap good for god men.

-- jimmie-the-weed (, November 09, 2001.

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