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On November 8th Nancy Oden was on Alex Jones' show on shortwave radio (freq. 5.085 or 6.890). Jones can be quite abrasive at times, but his information is quite good. If you want to listen to the broadcast you can go to Infowars and follow the instructions there. It was at the top of the second hour of the program.

The lady said that when she arrived at the airport and went to check in the fellow at the counter never looked at her ID. He started typing into his computer furiously just upon her stepping up to the counter. Then he took the ticket and continued, when he finished her boarding pass, he marked a big "S" or possibly "F" on the pass. She asked what it indicated and he told her she had been selected for a thourough search. She thought "okay that may just be random", but the fella was looking down at the ground, so she asked him, "That wasn't random, was it?" and he said "No Ma'am."

SHe went through the gate security with the bag xray and metal detection with no beeps and then proceeded to her gate. She was seated at the gate when a Nat'l guardsman walked up and roughly commanded "YOU! Come with me!". She stood and started to gather her things and asked what for, and he grabbed her. She told him to unhand her, and he put her wrist in a comealong hold. She told him to unhand her again, and if I remember correctly he bellered at her like the DI's do in bootcamp. So as she was exiting the area, she asked about making her flight. The gate attendent started to answer and the Guardsman said she wasn't getting on any plane.

Then she was taken to a room with some more guardsman, and I missed some of the particulars about this aspect. What I recall was that she was told that she wouldn't be getting on any plane at all. Not even after their searches were finished. This is where she became really indignant. Then she inquired about the cost of her ticket and the airline refused to refund her money, or to let her get on another airline flight. It also sounded like there was a moratorium on her on any airline-which if that is the case is indicative of some deeply troubled times ahead of us.

The lady was not some kind of carping commie. She said several things I found interesting with my impression of Green Party. She said she has friends in the "oh so dreaded" militia, is a staunch supporter of the second ammendment, feels that our government ought to be more democratic in it's decisions and that corporations should not be making the laws as they are at present through lobbying and campaign finance, and is very concerned about all of the anti terrorist legislation passing and proposed since the 11th. She claims to be a strong supporter of the Constitution as well. Dunno, but she was reasoned and intelligent in the interview.

She didn't really delve into her political views too deeply, as this is a "rwrs", but she was rather bemused by all of this as she was not opposed to being searched, but opposed to being treated like a criminal. I guess she will be filing a suit.

That's about all I can recollect.

Here are my thoughts on this. It appears to be a type of bullying regarding those who oppose this war. I have heard a few other instances of crazy detainments of individuals in the patriot community as well. Of interest is that most of the baggage inspectors are not even American citizens, and most of the ground crews and plane cleaners are not either. Now if we are going to look with jaundiced eyes upon citizens who proclaim their opinions and yet allow the borders to be wide open, and illegal immigrant middle easterners to work on the planes themselves, it makes one question....just who is considered to be dangerous by TPTB?

My opinion is that there is a serious crackdown coming on dissenting opinions and that the sedition laws being ressurected will make this into a fascimile of Nazi Germany. REMEMBER- National Soicialist- no criticism of the Reich allowed. There is no Constitutional basis for squashing opposing opinions, but we are really not under the Constitution any more. However, I regard the Bill of Rights to be not rights "granted by a government, but God given, inalienble rights. They go right along with being born. I WON"T give them up, as then the terrorists, whomever they may be, will have actually won.

I have to fly this week. I'll be gone from Wednesday to Monday night. If I fail to return, maybe someone should start scouring news clippings for me! If I can bring my laptop, I will check in once or twice. I would appreciate prayers for travel mercies from my brothers and sisters if they feel led!

-- Doreen (, November 10, 2001


Thank you for sharing this Doreen. Please know that my prayers will be with you.

-- diane (, November 10, 2001.

I have heard of a simular instance, perhaps it was the same one. The thoughts I had were....that I do not think rights should be tromped, however, We do not know the full story. Perhaps the group made some off hand remark that was taken wrong. Perhaps this lady made remarks about something or a threatening nature. How is the government to know who is serious and who is not? These are confusing times where safety is concerned.

-- notnow (, November 10, 2001.

I agree that it is a confusing time as far as safety is concerned. The mainstream articles covering this said that she became beligerant(sp?) when asked to allow a search. They didn't really delve too deeply into the particulars. At least not the two that I read. There could certainly be more to the story, I wasn't there! I just thought I would relay what I heard in the interview and everyone can make up their own minds about what they think.

We just really need to be careful and not trade liberty for security. The Anti Terror bill completely guts the Constitution, and everyone is going to have to deal with that. There is a pervasive sentiment that anyone who disagrees with the "war on terror" is a traitor or a communist, and that really isn't the case.

-- Doreen (, November 11, 2001.

Thanks for posting this, Doreen; I wonder if we'll ever know what actually happened. Perhaps we will, if more people get hassled in that way. I suspect that if Oden's tale is true, there will be more people who get that typr of treatment.


-- joj (jump@off.c), November 13, 2001.

Oden was chosen for a search, according to the airline people interviewed here in Maine, because she bought her ticket over the internet (!). That's apparently one of the new red flags in airline travel. Used to be the only thing that raised eyebrows was paying at the airport in cash. Sounds like she took offense and everything escalated from there. Has anyone heard of Greens or other activists having similar post-9.11 problems? If not, looks like an isolated occurrence, altho Lord knows there's enough other stuff happening that to my mind the Bill of Rights is seriously endangered.

-- Cash (, November 14, 2001.

Cash, I bought tickets for a recent flight to Californicate on line, and I was all but strip searched in Medford, Orygun, and both my wife and I had COMPLETE baggage search in San Luis Obispo.

Interestingly, the largish stainless steel fork, and the largish cork screw/can opener were not found by the first two check points' metal detectors, but were found by the third.

Almost missed the damned flight in San Luis, because they took so long trying to get everything back into our suitcases, and they would not let us touch anything at all, so we couldn't help them repack. The only reason the plane didn't leave without us is because both my wife and I DID get loud and aggressive about how long they were taking and told them in no uncertain terms that they'd BETTER hold the plane for us!

Not only our carry ons, but also our checked through bags were emptied and searched.

I am a green, by the way; was I "hassled" for that reason, or because I bought the tickets on line? Who can say. I'd likely have been suspicious if this had taken place AFTER Oden's problem, though.

Or then again, maybe I just didn't smile sweetly enough at the ticket agent...


-- joj (jump@off.c), November 14, 2001.

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