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Thomas Augustus Harris and Caroline F. Hearne were married in Stanly County on July 11, 1868. Does anyone have a copy of their marriage license? We have searched the court house to no avail. Thanks. Jack Munson Waco, TX

-- Jack Munson (jmunson@hot.rr.com), November 10, 2001


What court house did you search? I am headed to Albemarle next week and would be glad to look there. Caroline is in my data base because of the Crump line.

-- Janice Hearne Mitchener (jhmunc@aol.com), May 23, 2004.

Hi Janice, thanks for responding. We searched in the Albemarle Court House. We found no marriage license but did find an indenture triparetite dated January 29,1866 between T. A. Harris and C. T. Hearne to W. W. Kimbreal. It was in book 6 page 50. It sounds like a prenuptial agreement. We are also interested in the Crump line because Caroline and Thomas both trace back to it. Thomas' father, Daniel, married Mahetiabel Crump whose parents were James and Isabel (I think). The Rowland Harris that was Caroline's great grandfather was also the grandfather of Thomas. There is more entanglement between Thomas Harris and the Hearne family. Thomas was originally married to Caroline's sister, Eve. They had one girl named Ellen. Eve must have died young and I have heard that she was killed in a kitchen stove explosion. Then Thomas married Caroline and Ellen lived with them and the four children they had. Both Thomas and Caroline also died young and the children went to live with relatives or neighbors. Their daughter, Lula, (my wife's grandmother) went to live with Thomas A Sides and his wife, Sophronia, who was also a sister to Eve and Caroline. Later Lula married the adopted son of T. A. Sides and Sophronia. My wife's father's name was Crump Harris Sides. They were covering all teh bases. I would be interested in hearing from you again if you have more information on any of the above or if you want more from me on any of my wife's line. Do you know if there are any DARs that trace back to the Crumps? We have spent 8 or ten days in the Albemarle area looking in the library, court house and cemeteries. Lots of Harrises and Hearnes still live there. Thanks. Jack Munson

-- Jack Munson (jmunson@hot.rr.com), May 23, 2004.

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